Kim: 308 days to go

Here’s the truth, it’s getting very easy to feel a bit anxious about what’s not done yet. After I got the venue under my belt I felt super-proud (I never thought I’d pull my finger out so quickly and set a date). But this sense of security is beginning to wear off and although I still have 10 months left, I keep getting the niggling feeling I should be moving faster. This is made all the more fun by starting to do bits and pieces and stopping again because it turns out, it really is too early to do most things after all…

I’m calling this period the wedding lull. The ever-so-slightly-concerned-but-let’s-be-positive-and-focus-on-what-has-been-done lull. So, let’s focus on what has been done!

Engagement ‘Stuff’
It’s been a while now since we got engaged, but the celebrations have only just wrapped up. All our friends recently came together all under one pub-garden roof which was really exciting – a sneak peek into our wedding day in a way, watching different groups of friends meet for the first time and get nicely sozzled together, lovely! Coupled with the generous office al-desko party and numerous toasts with everyone we’ve met up with over the last couple of months, we’ve definitely milked it for all its boozy worth. That’s it for now… apart from the ring. The engagement ring is still to come but IS in the pipeline, so I’m putting that one my ‘done’ list!

Dress Diet
This started. Then stopped. Then started again… and must continue. I’m not going to obsess about it but the sad fact is that trying on dresses is not an option until I munch a lot more salad and a lot less of everything else I lay my eyes on.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen
The best gals and guys we could have ever asked for. The bridesmaids are already letting me bend their ear regularly and offering me lots of advice and emotional support, and the groomsmen are helping Ben too – in the form of Stag Do planning, of course.

Going to Weddings
We’ve just been guests at our second wedding this year, but the first since we got engaged, and boy oh boy was I looking at things differently this time. I looked around, felt loved up and inspired and really began to realise what’s still left to do…


Kim x

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