Kim: 245 days to go

“These are lovely but, er, they all look the same. Do you have anything a little… different?” I asked politely. “No”, was the short answer. “Why would you want something different? Every woman wants a diamond ring like this”, was the long one.

That was the moment I decided to have my engagement ring custom-made.

The rings the salesman was showing me were undoubtedly beautiful but they just weren’t unique enough for me. I thanked him and made a deal with myself there and then – my weekends traipsing all around the shops were over – I didn’t know what I wanted exactly, but I knew it wasn’t out there.

The Go Go Go
Once I’d made up my mind to have my ring made, the next part moved surprisingly quickly. After deciding I wanted something hand-crafted, I found an online recommendation for Richard Chown that struck a chord. I  arranged to meet him and his partner Becca at his home studio.

The Sketch
Richard and Becca asked all sorts of inventive questions, not just about the ring but about me too, and we spent a good couple of hours creating a ring that really reflected my personality.

They showed me various precious metals and stones, but it was when Richard patiently sketched out my ideas as I voiced them, and I saw the ring in my head come to life on paper, that I was sold. There and then I choose two diamonds and a platinum band and we were ready to roll!

The Wax
Before the ring was made, it was cast in green wax, to size and scale. It gave me a really good idea of how it would look once finished, and took the fear factor out of getting an end product that was not how I imagined it to be:

The Ring
Finishing touches done, and back from being hallmarked and polished to perfection, it was time for me to pick up my ring. I could not be happier with it – meet my little birdie!

If you’re shopping at, the chances are you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary too. So be brave, be different, and if you decide to get your ring custom made, I hope these tips will help you get the most out of it:

  • Don’t be scared. Find the right ringmaker and they will hold your hand through the process. It may be your first time doing this, but your ring maker will have helped scores of other brides and grooms to be, so let them guide you.
  • Set a budget and stick to it. Know that there are tweaks that can be made to your material choices without compromising the quality and beauty of the ring, and ask your ringmaker for advice.
  • Speak up. If it’s not how you imagined it, or something isn’t working for you, say so early in the process – or forever hold your peace.
  • Be patient, depending on what you want, the process from start to finish could take a couple of months.
  • If you go for hand-crafted, expect hand-crafted. Different shapes being worked by hand may be a little quirky and not produce uniformity of a machine – which is what you wanted, right?
  • Show it off.  It’s ok if your ring is not everyone’s taste – it only has to be to yours. Wear it with pride!


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