ain’t no mountain too high for Kate!

In two days, our very noble creative director is taking on a huge challenge. She is off to do a charity trek with her father, Tony, to raise money for the myasthenia gravis association. Never heard of it? That is exactly why they chose it as their charity!

The trek will start with a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla (the world’s most dangerous airport… it has an inclined runway that is much shorter than most!). They will then trek for 16 days – ten days to get up to Base Camp and six days to return. Along the way, they will stay in Namache Bazaar, walk Hilary’s Suspension Bridge and visit Tengboche Gompa. They plan to travel beyond Base Camp to Kala Pattar (Black Rock) which is 5,545m above sea level for the best views of Everest.

It is by no means going to be an easy trek. At Base Camp there is only 50% of the oxygen that there is at sea level, and it will be about -16C at night. Needless to say, Kate has invested in special equipment to ensure she stays warm and safe and arrives back in one piece (very important to us!).

During the trip, Tony will turn 64 which makes the trekking duo even more admirable. They will be celebrating his birthday along with Easter – Kate has packed a huge variety of chocolate easter eggs to make sure at least one easter Sunday tradition is upheld! When the trek is completed, Kate and Tony are going to do a sunrise flight over Everest to see where they have walked and get an amazing view of the summit from above

It is going to be an amazing adventure and we wish her a huge amount of luck – we know her go-getting spirit will take her through!

So far Kate has raised a brilliant £1,300 for the myasthenia gravis association but she would love to raise more – to read more about the charity or to donate, click

We gave Kate a little gift to take with her and to keep as a reminder her of the trip. Kutuu designed a special bespoke piece shown above.

Kate can be seen above during a training ramble in West Sussex. There will be more photos after the trip to inspire you!