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'Fancy Getting Married Later?' Wedding Day Card by Slice of Pie Designs

So you’ve done all the planning, and everything’s ready to go. The guests have been invited, the cake has been baked, the dress has been pressed and the flowers have been arranged. It’s the morning of your big day and you’re getting ready with your friends and family. Without doubt, you will be thinking of your fiancé, their thoughts and feelings as you approach your big moment. So we’ve been wondering: what can you do to mark the special time in the few hours before you wedding? How do you let your loved one know how much they mean to you on one of the most important days of your life?

One of our newest sellers brought this to our attention with their range of ‘Wedding Day’ cards. Slice of Pie Designs have created a collection of charming cards perfect for sending to your beloved before you tie the knot. They had found there was a lack of personal, heartfelt cards to send your fiancé on the morning of your wedding, and we love their simple yet witty designs.

'Your Wife' Wedding Day Card by Slice of Pie Designs

'It's Our Wedding Day' Wedding Day Card by Slice of Pie Designs

This got us thinking about other possibilities for notes or messages to leave for your loved ones. We headed over to Pinterest (our favourite place to head) and found some amazing ideas, from messages left on the bottom of the bride’s shoes, to sending the flower girl down the aisle with a hand-written note for the groom. Have a look at some of our favourite ideas on our pinboard.

We also took a quick survey amongst some of the ‘already marrieds’ we know, and asked what they had done for their partner on their wedding day…

“My fiancé and I had discussed exchanging cards prior to our wedding, and we’d decided we would do it after the ceremony. We didn’t think we’d have time to give it our full attention if we opened cards before we left for the church. On the morning of my wedding I was nervously getting ready at my parents’ house with my bridesmaids, and a huge bunch of roses were delivered for me. The card that accompanied them simply read ‘See you at 2 x’. It was such an emotional moment; to know that despite all the stress leading up to the day, my future husband had taken the time to plan this gesture to let me know he was thinking of me. The only problem was I got a little too teary and had to have my make up redone!”

“When I got married, I made an anniversary book and had my best man deliver it to my wife on the morning of our wedding. It had a section for each year of marriage, with a space to put photos and mementos and little notes about the past year. I filled up the first few pages with a brief history of our relationship so far: a map of the location of our first date, a picture of our first home and our plane tickets to Dublin where we got engaged. She loved it, and has added to it every year since.”

So tell us, have you planned a special way to let your betrothed know you’re thinking of them on the morning of your big day? If you’re already married, did you receive a card, flowers or a gift from your other half before the ceremony? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments below.

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