Jewellery goes geometric

Jewellery can define an outfit. It can transform a dress from day to night or add a demure touch of elegance. At we are big fans of bold, geometric shapes. If anything has a triangle on it or is shaped like a dodecahedron (don’t you just love that word?) someone in the office is guaranteed to buy it. Luckily this is not a trend that is going out of style any time soon so we’ve picked some of our favourites to share with you.


If you like big, bold necklaces or prefer understated bracelets, geometric is a trend that will suit everyone. Instantly update a plain jumper with a chevron necklace or add a touch of neon with triangle stud earrings. The natural shapes and sharp lines create a refined look that will stand the test of time.

  1. Zuri Sterling Silver Turquoise Tribal Ring by RegalRose
  2. Pyramid friendship Bracelet by Bohemia
  3. Gold Chevron Trio Necklace by Bohemia
  4. Personalised Geometric Bangle by Posh Totty Designs Boutique
  5. Geometric Triangle Stud Earrings by Jessica Joy
  6. Leather Two Tone Triangle Statement Necklace by KatieBetty
  7. 18ct Gold Vermeil Ellie Ring by Sarah Straussberg
  8. Art Deco Pharaoh Earrings by Gilbert and Skeggs


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