It’s not easy being a man

It’s not easy being a man at Sometimes it can all get a little too girly for the few of us who happen to have a Y chromosome. There are discussions about shoes that force us to nod quietly. Then there are the chats about dating, clothes shopping and various other subjects that force us to nod quietly again. There is nothing wrong with these conversations of course, but as soon as you try to turn the discussion to monster trucks, video games or, God forbid, sport, the quiet nodding simply switches sides.

Babies can be a problem. When someone in the office has a baby, or one of their friends or relatives drops a sprog, photos of the poor thing are paraded around the office like an icon on a religious feast day. There is a chorus of cooing, tangible brooding and, in the days that follow, constant updates. Rolling news channels have nothing on the birth of a baby who has even the slightest connection to – their every move is logged, reported and enjoyed.

When the photos are first produced, the men of the office hunker down, don headphones and steely expressions and quietly go about their duties with renewed diligence and engagement. When hours of tireless slaving away require a break, taking a look at the site offers a welcome distraction.

As broad as the range on the site is (and it is very broad), you’d be forgiven for assuming that it’s not as geared towards men as it is towards women. There are, admittedly, fewer lasers and go-faster stripes than some men might be expecting. And the comical references to classic movies can lean more towards Dirty Dancing than Dirty Harry. But there’s plenty there, if you look. And that’s what makes finding a great product for a man such as myself even more rewarding.

The purpose of this, and my subsequent blog posts, is to direct you to some of the products on this site that make great gifts for men. I’ll even help the men who shop here to find the perfect gift for the ladies in their life. After all, I am surrounded by intelligent, stylish women for five days a week so I have a wealth of knowledge just a conversation away. All of that, and you get to find out what it’s like to be a man working at

As this is the first post, I’m just going to show you a couple of my favourite products that I happen to already own:

Three Wise Monkeys T Shirt by Beckett & Beckett

I like monkeys. I can’t think of a man who doesn’t like monkeys and if a man says he doesn’t like monkeys, he’s lying. Beckett & Beckett specialise in monkeys and this monkey t-shirt is something he’ll go ape for (sorry). Anyway: monkeys.

Space Invader Wall Stickers by Supernice

Space Invader Wall Stickers by Supernice

I also like video games. Space Invaders may be an old one, but it can still waste hours of my life without much effort. It’s so hard getting the last guy. These wall stickers make an excellent gift for any man who likes his gaming.

'Go Away…' Bone China Mug by The Literary Gift Company

'Go Away…' Bone China Mug by The Literary Gift Company

The ‘Go Away…’ mug is not only delightful, but also a necessity. Especially when someone starts heading towards you wanting to talk about babies. You just hold it up and watch them turn around. It also holds coffee and this is an essential.

So there you go. Three of my favourites. Three favourites that men will enjoy. Next week, I’ll show you even more. Right now, I have to stare intently at my screen as I hear the familiar cooing of another baby having been born to someone related to someone who works here. Where did I put my ‘Go Away…’ mug?

  • Comment by Claire

    Brilliant blog post – I’m a big fan of the monkey t-shirt (and I know someone else who will be too!)

    You forgot to mention weddings though…

    I had a regular guest writer on my wedding blog, who wrote brilliantly on behalf of a jewellery & accessories designer. He – for it turned out he was a he – had the most astonishing knowledge of all things girly, going above and beyond his remit of vintage accessories etc.

    I’m not getting a ‘Go Away…’ mug for my other half, but an ‘… I got married once already’ one might be a nice addition to the range?

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