My feel-good secret for a monday is to write a blog post about a beautiful wedding. Works every time – warm feeling inside, love the world; feels like Friday!

So I’ve been saving this one up since last week, because I knew it would be a little gem to write about. Emily Rickard is a brilliant stylist, born in Britain, and just moved to New York from Australia. When I saw her wedding photos – courtesy of a friend of a friend, who knows I am always on the look-out for the most super-stylish weddings – I knew that it was a extra special wedding that simply had to be shared on our blog.

From the picturesque Italian backdrop to the unpretentious, wholesome but edgy wedding details, we think Emily captured the essence of the wedding day perfectly in her white wedding dress with black sash, nails and shoes – elegant and delicate, but with a seductively stylish and bold stamp.

It was her dream wedding, and it was a total dreamy composing this blog post about it! The images show what a totally stunning day it was. There are quite a few photos but it was impossible to edit – they were just all too good!

We can feel the love, we’re sure you can too.

How did you get engaged? Tell us the story…

“We went to New York for a trip to scope it out for living here and were extremely jet-lagged having flown Sydney – London – New York. Unbeknownst to me Daryl had planned to propose in a restaurant on the first night we arrived but we were too tired to go out. We woke up SUPER early on our second day, around 4.30am. He suggested walking across the Brooklyn Bridge to watch the sunrise. When we got to the middle of the bridge, we had a one in a million chance…. there was nobody around, which never happens! And he got down on one knee……how wonderfully special and romantic!”

Was there a theme/style for your wedding? Why did you choose it?

“We chose to get married in Le Marche, Italy because my Mum lives there. It is a small medieval town, but she also owns an olive farm with a gloriously run down old farmhouse. The combination of these two things are paramount to what I wanted for the style of a wedding…. A little bit of vintage mixed with a little bit of country – sprinkled with a touch of class! I chose this theme because it’s normally what I like to bring into a styling project, and there is just so much to love aesthetically about a vintage wedding, but coupled with a bit of Italian style it made it, for me, more current. Having a hint of ‘country’ is very close to my heart, as I grew up in the country – so I combined these elements to create our wedding.”

What were your key styling items?

“I chose someplain white Cotton Bunting from, recycled tomato and bean tins for the flower arrangements, Chalk Board Paint for the seating plan and guest book, lots of paper and glass lanterns, mixed with jam jar votives to hang in the trees and in the tent. Then we had custom made beer mats for favours.”

Did your wedding turn out as you dreamt it would?

“It was the most wonderful day and I could not have wished for more. Despite being a stylist, and a little bit picky… we put the main emphasis of our wedding on spending time with our guests and soaking in the local atmosphere. Although there was a lot of attention to detail, we didn’t get hung up on the small things, and therefore nothing could have been disappointing to us! It spanned over four days, lots of dinners, the wedding day and even a post-wedding picnic. Needless to say none of it would have been possible without our AMAZING florist, Zoe Ivory – Phan, and her team of gorgeous bridesmaids and our close friends.”

What was your one wedding tip?

“Remember to take the day as slowly as you can, and soak in every detail. Take a few minutes to yourself as bride and groom away from everyone. It will be one moment you want to remember!”

Thank you so much to Emily and Daryl for sharing their day with us – how useful to be a stylist when it comes to planning your wedding day! It resulted in a magazine-ready photo shoot of a wedding day, with memories that were perfectly created, captured and will be treasured forever. Bellissima!

Photography by Will Horner and Will Hartley.
Read Emily’s blog here.

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