made by the fair hands of my friends…

We now have just under six weeks to go! How that happened, I really don’t know. Until now, The Wedding seemed like a far away, almost mythical, event that we had plenty of time to get ready for. Now, it feels very much a reality, (in as much as worrying about place names and ribbon colours can be) and the fact that it is so close is a little daunting! We do have most of the big things taken care of and now it’s all about the details, but they feel never ending…

To get something ticked off the list, I’m having a kitchen table craft session with some of my most creative friends this weekend (they got A’s in their Art GCSEs; so fully qualified), and we’ll be Blue Peter-ing our way through the place names-come-favours and a few other decorations for the day. This is definitely one of the more fun tasks and I’m really looking forward to the quality time with my girls before the wedding. With everything that’s going on right now and the slightly hectic edge to literally everything I do, some time spent doing something as wholesome as tying pretty ribbons sounds like the perfect antidote, I might even be tempted to put a Disney soundtrack on to sing along to as we do it! (I’m not joking – love Disney).

Following on from our DIY invitations, it’s been really important to my fiance and I to add homemade and personal touches to our wedding. And having the help of my closest friends is truly special.

If you’re feeling the pull of arts and crafts, why not try a hen party with a crafty twist? It’s such a great way to make your closest friends really feel part of the day, and imagine the pride when they see their own Blue Peter creation making your wedding day extra pretty and extra special.

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