Industrious interiors

This week, we’re coveting industrial-style interiors and accessories. Once the stomping ground of squatters, in recent years disused warehouses and factories have become a hot bed for regeneration projects that have seen many of them reinvented as aspirational living spaces for the style-savvy. This new breed of home has created a much sought-after look that is now synonymous with an affluent lifestyle and the more we explore, the more we discover a cornucopia of pieces inspired by the forms, fixtures and fittings of these industrial spaces.

You don’t have to be the inhabitant of a gargantuan loft apartment to make an industrial look work, either. Selecting a white or grey colour palette, raw materials, rough textures and simple accessories can conjure the same effect in a smaller space.

There’s a preconception that trying to achieve an industrial style can make a room feel cold and clinical, but using dark colours and materials can actually add warmth to the look.

Images from Pinterest

We love it when we see a trend emerging from the products that our sellers upload onto the site, and in recent weeks we’ve seen an influx of streamlined, mechanical furniture and angular, functional accessories that recreate the industrial look. We’ve collated a range of our favourite – for more inspiration have a look at our Industrial interiors pinboard on Pinterest.

Add personality to a room with an Industrial Metal Letter by the letteroom

These Warehouse Pendant Light Stickers by Supernice are a quick and easy way to achieve an industrial look...

…or go for the real deal with these Flori Tarnished Silver Pendants by Rowen & Wren
We love this Wooden Wall Clock by Idea Home Co
Industrial Style Storage Boxes by Jodie Byrne will help to keep a room uncluttered
Create an industrial look in a small space with this clean and angular chrome lamp by The Original Home Store
Add a touch of colour with a Downtown Industrial Metal Chair by Idea Home Co


Use these worn Vintage Seltzer Bottles by Colporter to create an industrial feel in the kitchen


  • Comment by Print for Love of Wood

    I’m luck enough to have just moved my studio into an old mill so thanks for great ideas! Off to buy some black paint for one wall as it’s so huge it will help warm it up. Love the idea of a low level book case to help section areas off and that ampersand is right up my street! ;)
    Thanks Jax

  • Comment by Ellie Hunzinger

    I love this post. This place somehow manages to have quite a rigid, angular look but manages to look so comfortable and cosy all at the same time – a hard thing to achieve with industrial decor. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Comment by Backlane Designs

    Our City Lights Warehouse would look stunning in this style interior. Loft living was the inspiration for the product.

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