How To: Tasteful Tea Party

Afternoon tea is a treat you and your Mum can enjoy together – and it’s a fact that calories consumed on Mother’s Day don’t count. So why not surprise Mum with a fun, cake-filled tea party? Yes, we thought you might like that idea. We’re already preparing our speech for the Child of the Year award (take that siblings).

Mums (although we love them dearly) have a track record for interfering. Whether it’s the laundry or your love life, they can’t help but get involved. So, to avoid ruining the surprise your number one priority is getting mum out of the house while you prepare. We suggest an impromptu hula hoop lesson or a last minute lunch date with good old Auntie Gertrude.

In our opinion, the fastest way to transform a room is with paper decorations. Decide on your colour scheme – we chose soft pinks with bright pops of colour – and find the party poms to match. You can hang paper decorations from just about anywhere; we love to pin them at different heights from the ceiling to keep things playful. If you’d rather not brave the step ladder, try securing your decorations to the backs of chairs or placing them at the sides of a room.

Once you’ve decorated the space, it’s time to focus on the table. Quirky tea cups are the order of the day here at Our ‘gin’ tea cup and saucers are a sure fire way to get the party started whether or not you choose to upgrade your tea to something a little more spirited (we’ll be having a double with slimline tonic).

A tea party isn’t a tea party without copious amounts of cake. However for those among us with a sweet tooth, it doesn’t have to stop with a Victoria Sponge. Put on a spread to make Willy Wonka jealous – we’re talking iced biscuits, cookie pops and the king of all party treats: cocktail pastilles.

Make sure mum knows she’s the centre of attention with our Mother’s Day Cake Topper. Whether you’ve baked up a storm in the kitchen or have picked out the perfect cake from the bakery, make sure it has pride of place. A well decorated cake on a beautiful stand makes the perfect centre-piece.

Cake stands aren’t just reserved for cake. We’ve used them here for a variety of sweets and biscuits, but mini sandwiches and savoury nibbles would work just as well. Using cake stands of varying heights can also add a sense of depth to your table, keeping things fun and light-hearted.

Remember, finishing touches really do count. We’ve used paper confetti and polka dot party hats to add a playful touch to celebrations. Once everything is in place and you’ve make the final tweaks it’s time to hide – nothing beats seeing mum’s face as you jump out from behind the sofa.

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