How To: Spring Table

Spring is FINALLY in the air. This year, it’s all about the blossom, bud and bloom; we’re making tabletop gardening a thing. Taking inspiration from the great outdoors, we’ve used mossy greens, zesty yellows and deep pinks to recreate an alfresco feel in our own dining room. Perfect for Bank Holiday Weekends, our spring table is a fun and easy way to win style points.

Start by creating your very own seasonal canopy. You’ll need two or three very handsome twigs, masking tape and a length of twine. The key is to tape the twigs together, rather than tie them. Once secure, thread the twine between the twigs to create a hanging loop – this can be as long or short as you like, depending on how low you’d like the canopy to hang. We’ve hung our twigs from the ceiling using a screw hook – if you’d rather not use a screw hook, an adhesive hook or a well placed light fixture would work just as well.

Adding greenery to your canopy will really bring the look together. Our Ceramic Hanging Egg Planters are lightweight and sit beautifully nestled among the twigs. We’ve used a simple, flat leaved plant but wild flowers or succulents would work just as well.

Treat your guests to a glass of homemade cloudy lemonade. Not only will you earn the ultimate accolade (best host, obviously) but you’ll also have an excuse to serve it in our oh-so lovely old fashioned Glass Drinks Dispenser. Here’s our easy peasy lemon squeezy recipe:

What you’ll need

  • 8 lemons
  • 200g sugar


For two litres of cloudy lemonade, remove the zest of 8 lemons with a peeler and place into a large jug. Juice the lemons into the same jug and add 200g of sugar. Pour over 1.5 litres of boiling water and stir. Cover and leave to cool, then chill. Once cold, sieve the mixture into the drinks dispenser with lots of ice and some extra slices of lemon.

Now it’s time to get green fingered. To balance the tones and textures in the canopy, we’ve decorated our table with a range of different plants. Arranged in our Folded Ceramic Vases the cuttings really add to the nature-inspired look of the table. As a twist on the traditional, we’ve forgone the bouquet of tulips and opted for Mini Garden Eggs as our centrepiece instead.

No spring table is complete without at least a little bit of bunny. We’ve paired Rabbit Napkins with gold cutlery to create a contemporary look. Remember to keep things playful – add a dash of humour to the table with our quirky Flamingo Plate Set and Vodka Tea Cup. Hard lemonade anyone?

For more ideas, shop our Alfresco Dining Collection now, or browse more inspiration on Pinterest.

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