How To Become A Pro-Gifter

We’re not claiming to know everything about the art of gifting – BUT considering we work in a place full (from floor to virtual ceiling) with beautiful, handmade, personalised products – we like to think we’ve picked up a few tips along the way.

So without further ado we proudly present our less ordinary guide to gifting:

Some people may think that our first tip comes down to common sense, but having fallen victim to gift buying in the throes of panic before, we can’t emphasise this enough: don’t buy the first gift you find just because you’re in a rush.

We’re all adults here, and we’re happy to admit that last minute gifting IS a thing. But there are ways to get around it. Keep calm and give them a gift experience instead. They don’t require any wrapping and can be printed off there and then. They’ll never even suspect you were clutching at straws just hours before.

We have a jaw dropping range of experiences from hula hooping classes that’ll rival any gym membership, to sandal making workshops (think of the shoe potential).

‘It’s the thought the counts’ – the phrase usually associated with disappointing gifts – is getting a make-over, style. That’s right; we’re making it our personal mission to make sure gifts are given with thought, meaning and pride.

This is, admittedly, easier said than done. But we’ve got just the ticket to make buying the right gift simple. Two words: facebook stalking. A little detective work goes a long way when you’re looking for that “how did you know” gift.

Not everyone has a clearly defined set of hobbies, but a quick audit of their social channels should give you some insight into their interests. We’ve got gifts for gardeners, gourmets, wine connoisseurs and many, many more.

Everyone loves getting presents, but apart from birthdays and Christmas there aren’t that many more opportunities to unwrap a host of goodies. If you really want to leave a lasting impression, give a subscription gift.

We’re not talking about twelve issues of Good Housekeeping (although we wouldn’t say no), we’re talking about exciting and unexpected gifts that arrive once a month. Lover of world cuisine? Friday Night Curry Subscription. Secret florist? Fornightly Flower Subscription. Likes a tipple? Cocktail Kit Subscription. Need we say more?

Subscriptions really are the gifts that keep on giving. It’s up to you to decide how long the subscription lasts too, whether it be for three months, or an entire year.

Adding a name, a date or a location can make a gift one of a kind. If you want to celebrate those stand out moments – the weddings, the christenings, the first homes – you can. The creative geniuses we’re proud to call our sellers can draw house portraits, print personalised messages and can embroider, engrave and illustrate just about anything.

Personalisation also opens up a whole new realm of gift giving: the shared memory. That time you went on holiday to Sydney together; the phrases you and your best friend are always guilty of saying; the shameless selfies you both took at Glastonbury last year.

It’s true that personalisation takes a little bit of extra thought, but the smile you’ll get when they upwrap that perfect gift will be worth it.

So there we have it. Our top tips for becoming a pro-gifter. If you’re still stuck (we know there are some very tricky people out there to buy for) why not peruse our 100 Less Ordinary Gifts Pinterest board, or have a gander at some lovely products in our gifts department.

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