Home interiors trends for summer

We feel like we’ve been waiting for summer for years. It’s finally arrived, (although we’re trying not to jinx it), and with it comes a wave of new trends across homeware, fashion and jewellery. We’re most excited by the new styles gathering pace in homeware, and have pulled together our edit of the top four trends to covet in the coming months.

Botanical homeware trend

1. Upcycled Botanical Decorative Plate by For All We Know
2. Butterfly Collection Box by Shrinking Violet
3. Framed Vintage Aspen Tree Print by Bonnie and Bell
4. Bevin Beech Based Dome by Rowen & Wren
5. Hanging Bloom Tube by Rowen & Wren
6.Vintage Willow School Chart by Bonnie and Bell

Florals for summer are nothing new, but this year we’re seeing an interesting twist on the trend. Taking influence from the Victorian obsession with botany, sketch-style prints reminiscent of specimen drawings are becoming really popular. Test tube vases, scientific-looking biology screens and entomology butterfly prints are also great references for this look. The colours are much richer shades than traditional florals, with deep forest greens are sea blues creating a dense, mature look.

Industrial homeware trend

1. Wire Shelf Rack by Nkuku
2. Industrial Pendant Light by Idyll Home
3. Industrial Style Work Lamp by discover attic
4. Downtown Metal Chair by Idea Home Co
5. Distressed Metal Drawer Cabinet by I Love Retro
6. Industrial Coffee Table On Wheels by Out There Interiors

The beady-eyed among you may remember that we highlighted this trend late last year, and it’s still going strong. The key is raw, factory-style furniture, distressed metal, mechanical features and unfinished wood.  These raw materials work well when complemented by pops of bright acid colours, such as these metal chairs. A note of caution: to stop your home looking too much like a disused factory, contrast the rough edges with luxurious accessories and soft furnishings.

Retro homeware trend

1. Target Cushion by Babyface
2. Retro Kitchen Pendant Light by The Contemporary Home
3. Retro Hooks by The Contemporary Home
4. Wall Flip Clock by I Love Retro
5. 1950s Style Writing Desk by Out There Interiors

Taking influence from classic British design periods, this trend has got some serious staying power. Mix styles from different eras to channel nostalgia, from wooden desks that look like they have popped out of the 1950s to Formica flip clocks straight out of the 1970s. The nice thing about this trend is that it’s all in the accessories. Try pairing bright, vibrant colours and classic design pieces against a white background and you’ll instantly achieve a distinct retro style. Now we just need to find ourselves a lava lamp…

Ethnic print homeware trend

1. Patchwork Quilt by I Love Retro
2. African Patch Dinner Plate by victoria mae designs
3. Tribal Lino Print by Knockout
4. Aztec Cushion by the shed inc
5. Japanese Blossom Bowl by Kiki’s Gifts and Homeware

Ikat, tribal, Aztec, ethnic: call it what you will, but we’ve seen a definite trend for fabrics and accessories with a ‘global’ feel. Traditionally, the term ‘ethnic’ makes us think of prints and patterns from India, Africa and Asia, but in reality it means anything that celebrates or is reminiscent of other cultures. For those of you with wanderlust, this presents a great opportunity to showcase treasured possessions you might have acquired on your travels to create a bohemian, nomadic vibe.

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