hens get creative!

It’s wedding season, which means hen parties galore. For creative brides, extravagant weekends abroad are rather passé. The trend now is to gather female pals and family for a day of craft activities and afternoon tea.

Our seller, Bee@Home, runs workshops especially created to accommodate hens. The classes are held mainly in tearooms and cafés but can also be run at home for large parties. Bee offers a range of creative activities including cake decorating, crochet, knitting, and bunting-making (which can be used as decoration on the big day!). Classes last between two and three hours, during which time Bee and her team provide a delicious spread of afternoon tea, whilst teaching groups of six or more hens how to stitch and sew.

To add a creative flare to your wedding, why not use some of Bee@Home’s crocheted roses for a unique take on buttonholes!

For more information on her creative parties, click here.

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