hen fest

Last Wednesday night was hen fest (and I think we’ve only just recovered)! A triple hen do held at our offices, in honour of our three lovely notonthehighstreet.com brides-to-be; Liana, Louise and Cora. The festival themed hen kicked off in style with our “house-band”, We Happy Few, getting us well and truly into the festival spirit. They played an amazing acoustic set on our terrace, the sun was shining and the drinks began to flow. They treated us to a mix of their own material and some old classics – the Johnny Cash numbers went down very well indeed. Liana and Cora also surprised us all by unearthing hidden “talents” (well more a passion) for playing the kazoo, which entertained everyone no end! We made an exception and allowed the male members of our office to attend, and they certainly added to the festival vibe!

The terrace was decked out in fairy lights, bunting, hen fest posters and a few comedy items – the fluorescent, inflatable flamingo was my personal favourite! Our Union Jack Tent provided by Idyllhome, looked great and added the final touch to our festival style. We also had a food corner, where the most delicious streetfood was cooked up before our eyes and served up in takeaway boxes. The Sri Lankan inspired cuisine was courtesy of Streeteats and I think I can speak for everyone when I send a heap of compliments to both our lovely chefs!

We tried to steer away from the ‘traditional’ hen format but couldn’t resist a small amount of organised fun and light embarrassment. Co-organizer, Lucy, hosted a hilarious music based quiz that tested how well the hens know their grooms-to-be. The grooms had been quizzed for their answers beforehand and the girls had to guess which groom had given which response. Of course the hens had to answer the questions whilst dressed up in fluffy, flashing tiaras and multi-coloured flower garlands around their necks – there are some traditions that you just can’t flout!

The night ended with glow-sticks galore and dancing the night away at our silent disco, courtesy of Silent Noize Events. It was the most fun our ‘Orange Pekoe’ meeting room has ever seen! Dancing our wellies off to different music, it wasn’t exactly silent on our dance floor, with people singing their hearts out regardless. This was great for not disturbing our neighbours, but a bit traumatic for anyone who removed their headphones momentarily!

Our hen fest festivities were a great success and our hen’s had the most wonderful time. I think we would all like to say a massive thank you to our party-planning-extraordinaires; Lucy, Jo and Suze for making it happen and such a fun evening! I thought it would be apt to end on a final cluck from each of our hen’s. I asked them to sum up the night in one word, Cora said it was ‘unforgettable’, Louise used ‘hilarious’ and Liana said it was ‘amaze-hen’! Enough said…