Help for Heroes

We like to think that, in one way or another, we’ve had a hand in ensuring deserving recipients get what they want for Christmas this year. By bringing together the best creative small businesses who find or create special and unusual gifts, we know that many people across the world will wake up to find thoughtful, personal presents under the tree or in their stockings this year. But of all the presents we’ve helped people give, there’s one group of recipients who are perhaps the most deserving of all.

This December, we’ve been involved with Help for Heroes, a charity that supports veteran and serving Armed Forces personnel who have been wounded, injured, or become sick, as a result of serving our country. It provides immediate, direct support to individuals as well as building long-term support for the future. Additionally, families and dependants receive support from the charity as they care for their loved one, and adapt to the new challenges that they face.

Tedworth House is one of four Recovery Centres run by Help for Heroes, which form part of their Defence Recovery Capability. Tedworth House aims to inspire wounded, injured, sick and returning veterans to lead active, independent and fulfilling lives, enabling them to reach their full potential and supporting them and their families for life. It’s a place of opportunities, providing education and training, sport and adventure in a relaxed, understanding and caring environment. State-of-the-art facilities and dedicated staff aid the road to recovery.

We were delighted when we were invited to be involved with Tedworth House’s Christmas plans. Each year the organisation puts together Christmas stockings for the residents and we were asked to provide gifts to be included. We worked with several of our sellers to donate gifts; we chose the “My Cape Is Invisible” t-shirt from The Joy of Ex Foundation for the men (quite appropriate) and goodies from Alphabet Bags for the women. The stockings were distributed at Tedworth House earlier this month, and were well received by all. For some of the servicemen and women, these stockings are the only gifts they’ll receive for Christmas, so many of them waited until today to open them. We’d like to wish everyone involved with Help for Heroes, Tedworth House, and of course the residents and their families, a very merry Christmas from all of us at

We’d love to encourage you all to support Help for Heroes, as we plan to in coming years. You can follow both @TedworthHouse and @HelpforHeroes on Twitter, or get involved with upcoming events on their website.


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