hello Mabel

Carrie, our merchandise and picture editor, picked up a very special delivery at the weekend, and brought her into the office just now. Mabel got a lot of attention to put it mildly, and she just lapped it up peacefully. We’re in love…

  • Comment by Sandra & Bournville

    Wow what a beautiful little puppy! I’m a fellow choccie lab owner – Bournville! Make the most of them being so small and cuddly as they soon grow big and very very naughty! X

  • Comment by nat_rich

    Gorgeous… we have one too. Cadbury (like the chocolate themed names) moved in last Valentines day. Several dog beds, mutiple items of clothing, the reversing sensors on my car, countless pot plants and a leather sofa later and we still love him as much as we did when he looked this cute.

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