Harry turns six

As any regular readers know, I adore planning for Harry’s birthday and I often have to stop myself getting too carried away! This year we opted for a science theme; as anyone with a six year old boy will know, they love goo, explosions and mess!!

For the party bags, I started with personalised appliqué bags by Maddigan Mooch and filled them with other goodies from the site including badges from Edamay (pirates for the boys and cupcakes for the girls), Cocoapod’s gorgeous sweetie bags, packs of sticky critter stickers from Eggnog Greeting Cards and Junior Geo’s sparkling agate geodes.

We hired Einstein’s Entertainers for the party and the children were dazzled by their “diffraction grating glasses” (?!), they made their very own “Einstein’s Goo” and got to play with dry ice. I think all the parents wanted to join in too!

We finally got the children to calm down (after a sugar-fuelled lunch which included science-themed cup cakes from the fantastic Rachael’s Kitchen) and they sat back down for round two of Einstein’s entertainers.

I’ve had so many parents comment on how much they loved everything, I can hardly wait to start planning Harry’s seventh birthday party!

  • I spy with my little eye, something beginning with C…

    A Coulson Macleod typographic print on the radiator!

  • Happy Sixth Birthday Harry. My little boy has just been six :) I’ve just tweeted nothsdotcom with a special Sciency Name Art picture for you. Charis x

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