wedding gift list contributions have arrived!

Wedding gift list contributions are here at last and we are very excited indeed! The introduction of this great new feature allows your guests to contribute money to your gift list, allowing you to spend the total amount on lovely gifts of your choice.

The feature is easy to use for both you and your guest and is another way of us giving you choice in how you want your gift list to work for you. The feature means you can opt to put the money towards higher-priced gifts items, such as furniture, instead of or as well as lots of smaller items, should you wish.

When setting up your wedding gift list, you have the choice to activate gift list contributions. If you change your mind nearer the wedding that is no problem, you can allow or disable the feature with one click at any time.

Here’s how it works…

You’ve got your eye on this gorgeous Reclaimed Wood Table and Bench and would love your guests to contribute funds to enable you buy it.

  • You enable contributions when setting up your list, so when your friends and families search for your list they can clearly see the wedding gift list contributions icon.
  • Your guests can click on the icon and simply choose the amount they which to give. This can be any amount up to £500.
  • Each contribution is added to your wedding gift list account. You also have the option to view details of each contribution, including gift messages that your friends and family can choose to leave when making their contribution.
  • When making their contribution your guests will be shown six of the highest priced items on your list, so they have an idea of what lovely items their generosity may have gone towards.
  • You can spend the contributions on whatever you want and simply need to ‘close your list’ after your wedding to do so.

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