If you’re feeling creative this Christmas, why not try making your own cards? DIY cards have come a long way since our school days, with finger painting and shell pasta a thing of the past.

To help get you started, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide on how to make your own snowflake card.

Step 1
To attach the baker’s twine to the card, first mark with a pencil where you’d like the string to hang. We’ve marked each point 1cm away from the side of the card, with the top two points measuring 2.5cm from the upper edge, and the bottom two points measuring 5cm from the lower edge of the card.

Step 2
Using the tip of your pencil, make a small hole at each of the four points marked. Feed the twine through these holes, knotting each end on the inner side of the card. Leave a little bit of slack in your string for pegging the snowflakes.

Step 3
Glue one side of your mini peg and stick it to the card so that the end of the peg is touching the twine.

Repeat three times on each strand, to give two even rows of pegs.

Step 4
Once the glue has dried and the pegs are secure, gently open the peg and carefully push the twine and snowflake in. Repeat for all six pegs.

Step 5
For the finishing flourish, we’ve used a rubber stamp to add a festive message.

We’d always advise testing your stamp first, to work out how much pressure and ink the stamp requires.

Et voila. There you have your very own handmade Christmas card.

For more inspiration on creating your own cards, visit our Christmas stationery department now.

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