five stand out ideas from RockN’Roll Bride

We’re huge fans of Kat Wiliams (aka the RockN’Roll Bride) and if you’ve been researching weddings for even five minutes, chances are she will already be on your radar. We love that she knows her style, and was brave enough to do her own thing on her wedding day, creating a vibrant, brave feast for the eyes for all her guests… and now she is dedicated to discovering and helping to create alternative weddings with her blog.

We quizzed her on what she feels are the five key ingredients to create a stand out wedding that guests will always remember. Take note…

1. “Sit down and brainstorm your ideas early into your planning. What do you love in your everyday life? Think about how you can bring that into your wedding. Maybe you’re really into sailing… or tattoos… or fashion – rip pages out of magazine or print from wedding blogs to create a moodboard to start you off. Take your inspiration from your real life and your wedding is sure to be as individual as you are.”

2. “Details will make your wedding visually appealing but arent the be-all-and-end-all of a great wedding! Small personal touches (maybe even homemade ideas) are a great way to inject some personality and theme into the day. Simple but creative centrepiece ideas for example will make a big impact with minimal effort.”

3. “Invest your time and money in the things that are important to you. Sit down with your partner and decide which areas of the wedding are most important and really focus on these. If flowers aren’t a big deal for you then why not forgo them and put the money into having a really rocking band for example?”

4. “Think about your guests. A lot of them may have traveled a long way to attend so putting in small details to keep them happy will always be a good thing. a welcome basket in the hotel rooms with ‘party essentials’, a quiz to keep them entertained at the tables, lawn games or silly props to play with and pose for photos with will be sure to result in happy, relaxed and fun-loving guests!”

5. “Remember to have fun! Planning a wedding can be very stressful, but by thinking of it as a big celebration rather than a wedding that has to be perfect in every way, you’re sure to enjoy the ride!”

Thanks Kat!

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Photography credits:
David McNeil for the first photograph, Emma Case for the second photograph.

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