fit for a queen

We were all aflutter this morning in the weddings team after seeing the photos of the newly-wed of the moment, Kate Middleton, enjoying one of her first Royal engagements as the Duchess of Cambridge. The images were all over the morning papers and as usual Kate looked positively stunning! Gorgeous hair, gorgeous face, Prince on her arm… but what really got us talking over our coffees was her dress.

Our excitement nearly bubbled over when we found out that the beautiful creation was designed by one of our blog sponsors; Jenny Packham! Jenny is, undeniably, an amazing fashion designer (and a lovely person too; Jo and Sophie met her at the She Means Business event a couple of years ago). She is renowned for her eclectic collections of cool and pretty pieces and the range of her designs. Her use of different lengths, shapes, colours and fabrics is breath-taking. For me though what makes Jenny’s work shine is that despite the variety of her creations, her work is still very very ‘Jenny’ and instantly recognisable. I could sit and admire her attention to detail for hours.

Jenny’s bridal gown range and the beautiful accessories to match are also incredible. It’s the kind of collection that ladies covet and dream of walking up the aisle in, before they’ve even met ‘the one’ (speaking from experience!).

Kate and Jenny we salute your effortless style!

Images courtesy of Jenny Packham and My Daily

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