an interview with Fingerprints

Fingerprints make a stunning range of contemporary jewellery and keepsakes with a classic but quirky twist. Designer Tabitha runs a friendly family business, working with a small team of designers in her London studios. We asked her to reflect on her business and her partnership with

1. What inspired you to create Fingerprints?
I started Fingerprints in April 2002. Whilst at home with my youngest child, Mia, I began making jewellery as a hobby. I absolutely loved it and found myself spending more and more time making beads and designing new pieces of jewellery that I gave to friends as presents. The response was very positive so I kept going and started to feel a real sense of destiny – that this was something I was called to do.
The name came about when a friend pointed out that my fingerprints were all over the hand-crafted clay beads I had made! I loved the concept and the name reflects that each piece is made by hand, unique and reflects something of me as the maker!

2. Describe your product range and what makes it unique
Fingerprints specialises in one-of-a-kind designs, made by hand. We make both classic and quirky jewellery and accessories in a broad range of vibrant colours using sterling silver, semi-precious stones and polymer clay. Each piece of jewellery has at least one component within it that we have made by hand using this clay so it has become a signature for Fingerprints designs.

3. What is your best selling range or product?
My jewellery range – Personalised Petite Puff Heart Pendant, and the Personalised Favours.

4. Do you have a good work / life balance?
As a mum, I really value being able to choose when and how I work so that I can put my family’s needs first. Selling online through has been one of the ways that I have been able to have more choice regarding my working schedule.

5. Has had a positive impact on your business?
Joining has proved to be one of the best decisions I have ever made concerning my business. The sales it has generated have transformed the way that Fingerprints operates. During a tough few years of trading due to the recession, our sales through have continued to soar and have become our most consistent source of sales throughout the year. I am very grateful to for their hard work and continued efforts to boost sales.

6. What are your ambitions for your company in the future?
The success we have experienced has meant that we are expanding our Purity Collection – a range of accessories designed with Christenings, Baptisms and Weddings in mind. The Purity Hoop Earrings are already available on the site. We are also developing our personalised jewellery ranges to allow customers more options to choose from so they can ‘design’ their own pieces of jewellery and make one of a kind pieces completely unique to them. We recently launched new range of personalised gifts such as colourful key rings and decorations.