featuring Maximillian the moose…

For fresh and quirky babywear, beautifully made from 100% soft cotton, take a look at the new range from Olive&Moss. Their designs are based around animal characters with serious expressions, illustrated in a colourful graphic style in unisex colours. Their greeting cards are loads of fun too – simple happy graphics to make a child smile. Read more about Olive&Moss.

  • Comment by Frances Leacy

    Olive & Moss are very unique to the baby clothing market. I have been buying them for family and friends little ones for some time. Kids love the bright colours and everyone always comments on the animals. What a fab brand.

  • Comment by Charlotte Linney

    Olive & Moss is a really exciting range of baby wear – it is bright, happy and full of fun. I love all the animal characters Tarquin the tiger is my favourite. The clothes wash and dry beautifully and keep their colour. It really is a a refreshing change to washed our baby blues and pinks. Bring it on Olive & Moss!!

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