Father’s Day gift ideas

Father’s Day Card by Old English Company

With Father’s Day fast approaching, everyone’s on the look-out for the perfect gift. Dads are notoriously tricky to buy for (a man only needs so many pairs of socks) so the knack is to pick something that shows you’ve really thought about him as an individual, rather than dashed out and bought generic chocolate and a football-themed present the day before.

So how do you do this? It’s pretty simple, really – gifts that embrace his personality and interests show you understand him, and, more importantly, mean that he’s more likely to actually use and enjoy them. If he’s a football fanatic or avid golf fan, something that references his favourite sport (or team) would be a slam-dunk. Is he crazy about cars? Then think about a motorsport-themed gift, perhaps with a retro twist (after all, classic sportscars never go out of style). Presents for the technology whizz, such as camera or iPad accessories, will of course be practical but witty or insightful personalisation is a fantastic way to reflect his character, creating a gift that he’ll truly treasure. A good barbecue brings out the inner chef in those who might otherwise not get much joy from cooking, so make his summer by putting together his perfect, personal toolkit for alfresco entertaining. For green-fingered dads, garden accessories and grow-your-own vegetable kits are sure to be a hit. And for the office man (or anyone who loves wearing double-cuffed shirts), cufflinks are always a popular choice – again, pick a set that’s personalised or themed to his interests, or perhaps made of an unusual material, for extra brownie points.

So take inspiration from what your dad enjoys and find something tailored just to him with our edit of the best Father’s Day gifts for 2013:

dad key ring

Would your long-suffering dad come out to pick you up in the early hours? Pay him back for years of taxi service with this personalised key ring. Dad Key Ring by Kutuu Lifestyle

Cycling Cufflinks

For the cycling addict: these cufflinks are a fun and quirky way of incorporating his love of pedal power into his smarter outfits. Silver Cycling Cufflinks by English Cufflinks

brown handmade leather ipad case

This stylish yet functional iPad sleeve is perfect for the tech-obsessed dad. Personalised Handmade Leather Case for iPad by Joanna Parkin

Leather camera strap with personalisation

For the keen photographer: this leather strap is a classic, practical present that will be used for years to come – the embossed initials add that little personal touch. Personalised Leather Camera Strap by Magpie Accessories

This branding iron is the ideal gift for the ardent steak fan or barbecue connoisseur. The iron comes with an array of letters so you can change the text according to the occasion. Personalised Steak Branding Iron by Hunter Gatherer

Personalised Dictionary Definition Apron

For foodies: this apron can be personalised with four different ‘definitions’ to display his culinary expertise. Personalised Dictionary Definition Apron by 3 Blonde Bears

The intrepid explorer will appreciate these cufflinks. Stylish as well as unique, they can be personalised with your dad’s sentimental locations. Personalised Map Cufflinks by Evy Designs

personalised remember when print

Remember the little things with this print. A lovely way of displaying all the good memories you’ve had with your dad. Personalised ‘Remember When’ print by Rosie Robins

Personalised message collar stiffenersTug at the heart strings with these collar stiffeners – your child’s handwriting can be transferred directly onto the silver for a unique and personalised present. Personalised Message Collar Stiffeners by Capture & Keep

Channel surfing mug

A sentiment many dads seem to live by. For the man who loves nothing more than to relax in front of the box. ‘Channel Surfing’ Mug by The Joy of Ex Foundation

Personalised 'superdad' print

This personalised print is a heart-warming gift and will also look great on any wall. Personalised ‘Superdad’ Print by More Than Words

For more inspiration (helpfully categorised so you can easily find the perfect gift) have a look at our Father’s Day department.

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