Emily: 260 Days To Go

I read an article a few weeks ago which announced that 29 is officially the age when people on average have the largest group of friends. Recently turning 29 myself, I found this a reassuring and in my case, seemingly accurate fact. I really do feel secure in the knowledge that there is a reliably constant stream of white wine companions to dissect the latest gossip with and also that there are several pairs of eagerly awaiting ears to call upon in times of crisis and celebration.

I am very appreciative of this statistic, however I am now presented with a slight dilemma… How am I ever going to be able to pick my bridesmaids!?

The first technique I try, my go to problem solver – write a list. I have the perfect wedding organiser from Oh So Cherished which is already brimming with notes. Surely by compiling a list, the right people will miraculously jump out at me and my mind will be made up, problem solved. This did not happen. Apparently, as I was reminded by Chris, this is no time for lists, it’s meant to be emotional, not methodical.

Personalised Leather Wedding Organiser by OH SO CHERISHED

Bright idea two: family. It’s fair, it makes sense and no one gets offended. Slight problem – both mine and Chris’s parents somehow managed to produce 10 boys between them and unless I want to spend my hen do listening to discussions about cars, downing dirty pints and debating who is currently at the top of the fantasy football leaderboard (I don’t by the way), then this is not in anyway helpful. I quickly disregarded this plan.

It was around the point when I had decided that having 10 bridesmaids didn’t seem like such a bad idea that I started to think back to the day when Chris proposed, this made me consider the first people I called to share the news and in the end, this was how I made my decision.

I loved receiving the happy phone calls when my two lovely friends received their ‘will you be my bridesmaid’ necklaces from J & S Jewellery. Suitably thrilled and tearful, we discussed dress colours, hair styles, hen dos and basically all things wedding. It’s official, the hen do Whatsapp group is up and running  and I’ve already started pinning a few bridesmaid dress ideas, but that’s a long way off, I have to find mine first!!!

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Necklace by J&S JEWELLERY

Emily x

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