Elvis the less ordinary dog

In honour of National Pet Month, we’ve invited a few of our most trusted pet advisors to review some real gems from our pets department.

First up is Elvis the dachshund, who is our Less Ordinary Pets Ambassador. Although he’s unable to walk without his wheels (yet!), Elvis doesn’t let things get in his way.

Personalised Vintage Spoon Dog Tag by The Cutlery Commission

Despite having spinal surgery in October 2013, Elvis likes nothing more than taking a spin on his wheels with his ‘brother from another mother’ Ernie and his fellow sausage friends. His favourite pastime is de-squeaking and dismembering soft rubber toys – he has a serious one-a-day squeaky ball habit. He also enjoys barking at the resident cat and any other breed of dog that is not a dachshund. He can’t get enough of cuddles and when it comes to bedtime, he likes to snuggle under blankets with Ernie and snore.

We asked Elvis to review the Personalised Vintage Spoon Dog Tag by The Cutlery Commission, as it’s just as unique as he is. When it arrived in the post, Elvis could smell that there was something inside for him and, although a little disappointed that it didn’t squeak, he was impressed to see his name hand-stamped on the shiny spoon (yes he CAN read). As a dashing and speedy hound he didn’t mind that we had taken a bit of a liberty with the spelling and thought it would look best on his white dress collar for those important walkies and public appearances.

One of the great features of the tag, he says, is that it can double as an impromptu water-sipper or treat-catcher. It also works as a sunlight catcher and nothing is better than catching a bit of sunshine (except for the smell of grass of course). He liked the fact that you can personalise the tag to say anything you like, although of course you can put your dog’s name and contact information in case they get lost. Getting lost is not on Elvis’ agenda, mind – he likes to stick close to his ‘humum’ as she knows where all the treats are kept!

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You can follow Elvis’ adventures and his quest to walk on all fours again without his wheels on Facebook and Twitter.

Image credits to Sara Freeman.

  • Comment by Robin Zimmerman

    Way to go Elvis! So proud of you : )

  • Comment by Clive The-Tup

    I’ve been following Elvis (& Ernie) on Facebook for sometime now, what a great inspiration and ambassador

  • Comment by sue newling

    love the tag Elvis you are a very special boy xx

  • Comment by Freddie and Kirsty Grimshaw xxx

    Hey Elvis (or Smelvis as Ernie calls you!!).. Freddie and I have been your followers and friends on FB for ages now!! It’s great to see you on here too!! Lots of love xxx

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