Ellie’s cupcakes

The customer service team recently ran a competition where the rest of the company had to guess who was who from their baby photos. When we heard that the prize was a box of Ellie’s beautiful cupcakes, with cake pops for the runners up, everyone started taking it very seriously indeed!  

Sadly, no one from the wedding team managed to bring home the sweet treats, but when we learned she also does cupcakes for engagements and weddings, we did grab Ellie for a chat about her incredible skills with sugar and spice! 

The competition cupcakes

Ellie, tell us a little about yourself.

I’ve just turned 27 and, being half-Italian, I have a fiery but bubbly disposition. I like to think that I can brighten up anyone’s day with a small joke or a crack of a smile – most of my friends tend to laugh at my jokes (or possibly at me!)

Working in customer service at notonthehighstreet.com has its fair share of events – I’ve been here for eight months and it definitely keeps me on my toes! I love that I get to speak to so many different people – and so many personalities – each day, it really brightens my day! It’s a brilliant feeling when you help someone and you know they are putting  the phone down a happy customer.

Having studied Art and Drama, I like to think of myself as somewhat creative and like to put projects together, but my true passion is cupcakes!

When did you discover you had a talent for creating beautiful cupcakes?

My father is a chef and when we lived in the Isle of Wight, I always loved watching him work in our Italian restaurant. As I’ve grown up, cooking hasn’t really been a focus for me, but last year I really started getting involved with my Dad and his cooking again. Now, every time I have a free second, I’m constantly thinking of what flavour cupcakes to make and when I’ll be able to make them – I don’t need the excuse of a party!

Ellie's lemon and coconut delights, mmm...

Where do you get inspiration from for new designs? 

I am constantly looking for new creative ways to inspire me. I’m a real fan of colour, I love bright, bold shades and I’m always thinking of what flavours I can create to compliment the colours. I love decorating the cupcakes which, for me, is the best bit, especially when people ask for really creative and over the top designs! I’m constantly looking for little things to adorn my cupcakes with and trying to create a colour theme around them, I have a whole scrapbook packed with ideas!

 What do you love most about making cupcakes for a wedding day?

I love creating something personal for a couple and decorating the cupcakes according to their needs, like mini masterpieces! I like to create something that really reflects them as a couple. Colour schemes are a big thing for me and I always love to colour co-ordinate with their day. Knowing that the end result will make both the bride and groom, and the guests, smile is always amazing.

Engagement cupcakes

 What is your favourite cupcake flavour, both to make and eat?

At the moment, my favourite one to eat is my double chocolate cupcake. I am slightly addicted to anything chocolate and have perfected this down to a T. I do like other flavours, such as lemon and coconut which I enjoy baking. I’m also starting to get a bit adventurous with flavours and created some chocolate cupcakes with chai spiced buttercream and they went down a treat!

 What has been your favourite project so far?

My favourite project was the Baby Girl Shower Cupcakes I did for my friend’s baby shower. When she told me what she needed them for, I knew I had to get them perfect for the occasion and create something really pretty and girly and, of course, yummy at the same time. The theme was girly and cute! I made chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream (tinted purple) and little fondant teddy bears perched on top and vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream (tinted pink) with pink sugar shimmer crystals and pearls and small fondant hearts. Needless to say, I enjoyed making them and wanted them to be perfect – I’m happy to report that they were a huge hit!

Pretty in pink

 Anything else you’d like to share about the world of cupcakes?

 Just that I love making them!

I’m planning to set up a website soon, so I can continue making perfect little creations for special occasions and events.

My ultimate dream goal is a small bake store dedicated to cupcakes. It doesn’t have to be massive but a small chic, boutique-y looking store would be great… I will have it! One day! And, obviously, I will be decorating it with lots of things from notonthehighstreet.com

Thanks so much Ellie, we’re really looking forward to your cupcake boutique!


  • Comment by Yasmin

    I have to say, from personal experience, that these are officially the best cupcakes I have ever tasted, and being a colleague of Ellie I am happy to say that I get to do my fair share of tasting!

    Anyone wanting something unique, special and delicous for an occasion or a party I can highly recommend Miss D’Amico!

  • Comment by Desiree Wegner

    Having the privilege to work with Ellie , I can certainly vouch that her cupcakes are delicious!

    I have applied to be her personal cupcake-taster, and I’m still waiting for a response! I think it’s a great idea personally but I doubt my waistline will agree.

    Hurry up Ellie, let me know if I got the job! You can pay me in … cupcakes!

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