Easter love… Nicola & Jon

Today, we have a very lovely, funny, unique and festive proposal story to share with you all. Nicola and Jon got engaged last Easter and it’s over to them to tell us their tale in their own words…

It was Easter Friday. Jon pretended he had to get up early for the cricket. Being an un-sporty kind of person, I had no idea there wasn’t actually any cricket that day. He’d busied himself wrapping up gifts in the morning and blustered through the bedroom door at 10am with a basket full of daffodils and presents, but the most bizarre thing was that he was dressed up in a wolf outfit (he later told me he meant to get the Easter Bunny outfit, but he didn’t like it as much). So the theme was “little red riding hood” instead.

He said it was a surprise for Easter so I had to go along with opening the presents, all the while wondering if it was going to be a proposal! As I unwrapped my Easter egg, I turned it round and it said “Will You Marry Me?” in big iced lettering, at which point the tears started, and Jon popped down on one knee and asked if I’d marry him.

Nicola, of course, said ‘yes’.

Thank you so much to Nicola & Jon for sharing their engagement with us and making us smile! I am delighted to report that we’ll also be featuring their stunning wedding (I’ve seen the pictures, trust me on this) very soon.

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