East London Design Show success

We sponsored East London Design Show earlier this month, and it was a brilliant event. For those of you who went along, we are sure you enjoyed it! There was an amazing demonstration of talent on show, which we were pleased to recognise in our giving of two awards – one for non-sellers, of which the winner was Vic Lee (pictured with me) for his Londonerea prints, drawn and printed by hand. Watch out for him joining our site soon!

We also gave a prize to an existing seller on our site, which went to Takae Mizutani for their refreshing modern designs which have such charm, pleasing all ages.

Our co-branded cotton bags also went down a treat at the VIP evening, as everyone busied around doing their Christmas shopping. Our showcases in the entrance hall provided more gorgeous inspiration, and the crafthouse cafe gave everyone the opportunity to get stuck in. In fact Rebecca, our customer service manager, was today wearing the crafthouse brooch that she made at the show! All in all, a great event that we were really pleased to be a part of.

  • I would have liked to be there… I’ve not been in London for a while, I hope to go back someday soon ….

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