DIY moment: felt flowers

During December our in-house Partner team took part in the ‘12 Days of Craftmas’.

This worked a little like a very creative advent calendar, where each day they took it in turns to bring in a treat for everyone on the team and organise a craft activity. They would all sit down together at lunchtime to try their hands at a new crafty skill. What a very lovely bunch they are!

I asked Anna, our Partner Support Executive, to give us a list of a few of the things they tried:

  • Making salt dough tree decorations (made using the microwave!) and then decorating them the next day
  • Stitching Christmas tree decorations
  • Embossing designs onto gift tags (using the toaster for heat!)
  • Making snow globes using jam jars
  • Icing Christmas biscuits that one of the girls had made at home
  • Writing a Christmas haiku (for those not in the know, that’s Japanese poetry)
  • Making paper chains
  • Making Christmas-shaped lemon creams (like peppermint creams but we couldn’t get any peppermint flavouring!)

How impressive is that? And it’s not even the whole list!

The Weddings team sit right next to the Partner team and we couldn’t resist getting involved ourselves when a particularly relevant activity came up… From behind reams of coloured felt and thread we could see a variety of pretty flowers being produced: some small, some large, some like roses, some like carnations. Bouquets, we thought! Buttonholes! Corsages!
They got the idea from this fantastic blog, Papernstitch, which is full of lots of great DIY activities that can definitely be applied to your wedding day.

Have a look at the photos above to see how we got on!

If you love the look but you’re not feeling crafty, you can find some ready-made – we won’t tell!

Featured flowers:

Felt Flower Brooch by laurafallulah

Pearl Literary Flower Corsage by Nellie and Elsie

Felt Flower Brooch by Isolyn

Pom Pom Flower Brooch by laurafallulah

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