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To me (quite controversially?) chair covers are a bit like marmite. In some wedding venues they are completely necessary and when done well can conjure up an air of luxury for your big day. However, when taken too far they can make your styling look dated and in some cases as if there has been an unwanted explosion of organza that will definitely attract the attention of guests but, dare I say it, in the wrong way.

My inspiration for this post came from a company called Marry This, based in the US. I receive their emails and have downloaded a few of their very cool and very free styling guides. The beautiful rich purple and burnt orange image above was taken from one such styling guide and it inspired me to scour our site for cool and unique decorative touches that would glam up the usually very conventional and practical object that is a chair, and turn said chair into a little work of art.

A key consideration when decorating chairs is the comfort of your guests. The last thing you want is for your guests to sit down to the wedding breakfast feeling stifled or uncomfortable due to the contraptions (which may be very beautiful) attached to their chairs. Decorating your chairs is just another area of styling to embrace and a way to bring your theme for the day to life. If the space at your reception venue is fairly simple and minimalist, chair decoration is a great way to inject some colour into your styling and to get a bit creative. You could even hang your place names on the chairs themselves, instead of having printed table cards. Your chairs don’t have to be swathed in layered fabrics; why not add small floral arrangements, bunting or paper chains – either pre-bought or made by your own fair hands for a touch of DIY wedding love.

For something a bit different from a traditional satin chair sash, mix colours, textures and shapes and even vary the decorative touches from table to table to add a cool, shabby chic touch or to bring in a number of colour combinations. A great way to save on cost is to alternate decorations and limit them to every other chair or to keep it really simple by tying a bow of your favourite ribbon onto each seat. You can find details of all the featured products and images below…

Are you planning to have chair covers? Or will you be trying out some original decorative touches on your chairs?

Tying pretty place names to your chairs is a bit different and a great way to add a touch of DIY charm. This pretty yet practical touch will make them stand out more than if they were lying flat on the table.

Set Of Six Name Slates

100 Small Gift Labels

<a href=""<Duo Stitched Linen Ribbon

Five Wooden Hearts For Guest Names

Flower garlands are great value as they are strung with wire and can be cut into smaller pieces and tied to chairs. This cuts down on expense not to mention the added pressure and logistics of having fresh flower arrangements.

Antique Pink Rose Garland

Paper Flower Garland

Ribbon and hanging decorations or a combination of the two are a great way to decorate and can be pre-bought to fit a multitude of wedding colour schemes and styles.

Spotty Dotty Grosgrain Ribbon

Ribbon Pattern Collection

Bunting Cotton Ribbon

Bride and Groom Signs

Personalised Bunting

Buttons and Bells Heart

Vintage Rose Hanging Heart

French Bonheur Hanging Heart

Nostalgic Paper Streamers

Nostalgic Paper Ball Decorations

Purple and Orange style chair decorations taken from this Marry This feature.

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