hen or flamingo party?

Cora, one of our office brides-to-be, had her hen party last weekend, and the story of the weekend went something like this…

“Friday night drinking Prosecco in my friend Jo’s garden. Fun times – she made amazing party food and gave us all party bags with face masks, mints and Alka-Seltzer… genius.

Saturday morning pottery painting with Prosecco jellies and an umbrella in my hair at a place in Clapham.

Champagne afternoon tea while making perfume near Marble Arch. I love flamingos…. my sister (and maker of my engagement ring, no less) looked after the flamingo while I studiously make perfume.

Night time in pretty dresses and bowling. Striking a pose but not hitting a strike….”

Sounds like a wonderful mix of fizz, fun and flamingos!

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