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This morning the weddings team were talking about the moment when you (as a bride or bridesmaid) are standing waiting for your cue to walk down the aisle and the crazy range of emotions you feel.

I haven’t been a bridesmaid since I was little, but I can remember waiting at the entrance of the church at my uncle’s wedding and sensing the nervous/excited atmosphere overcoming everyone. In fact, I think I might have sensed it a little too strongly and consequently refused to walk down the aisle! Sorry Uncle Bill!

As a bride, this feeling is intensified by about 100 million (but hopefully most make it down the aisle!) I was saying to the team this morning that I honestly have never experienced anything like it. As we stood waiting for our cue, my sisters and I experienced every emotion from tears to the urge to burst out laughing (luckily my Dad managed to keep it together – if he’d been going too we definitely would have completely lost it).

There is so much love waiting in the room ahead of you that it really is almost too much to handle; it is so rare to have (nearly) all your favourite people from every stage of your life in one place. Not only that, but the person you plan to spend the rest of your life with is at the front waiting to tell the world that you are The One. The impact of that is really quite overwhelming in the most amazing way.

I know this isn’t new advice – everyone tells you to try to remember every minute of your wedding day – but my tip to all of the brides-to-be out there is to really lap up the moments when you are waiting to walk down the aisle. They are so fleeting, so take in all the minute details – the look on everyone’s faces, the smell of your bouquet, the squeeze of your Dad’s arm – and try to store them away in your mind forever. Please forgive me for the soppiness, but these really are some of the most important memories you’ll ever have from your wedding day.

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