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Today’s post is inspired by an email I received from the lovely Louise at Dizzy Jewellery. Louise offered a set of her bespoke bouquet charms as a competition prize last year and worked with the lucky winner to create the perfect charms for the day. These are the ones the bride used earlier this month at her wedding:

Personalised Silver Wedding Bouquet Charms by Dizzy

Seeing this photograph made me think about what a wonderful idea bouquet charms are; working well as bridesmaids’ gifts as well as a cherished keepsake of your day. They can be a prominent part of your bouquet style or subtly nestle inside the stems as a private and meaningful token.

Bridal bouquet charms

You & Me Wedding Bouquet Token by ‘by alex’, Personalised Memory Photo Bouquet Charm by Bunny Loves Evie and Wedding Bouquet Charms And Pendant Set by Louy Magroos.

Your floral wedding bouquet may not last forever, but the charm remains as an enduring reminder of it. Yet e+k charms  have found an ingenious way of combining the two, providing you with the ultimate bouquet keepsake. They create a charm by encasing leaves or petals from your actual bouquet in silver or gold. You then have the option of either keeping the charm as it is or attaching a chain, leaving you with a truly unique and precious memento of your special day.

Bespoke Bridal Keepsake Charm Pendant by e + k charms

Traditionally, charms were worn to ward off evil spirits and bad luck, but these days we more commonly think of them as small lasting symbols that represent significant moments in someone’s life. All the sentiments we associate with charms perfectly befit a wedding occasion. Here is a selection of other types of charms and how you may want to use them for your day:

Bridal Charm Pin by Betty's Glamour Box

Attach this Bridal Charm Pin to your bouquet, into the skirt of your wedding dress, in your bridal clutch or somewhere else on your person. It also represents all the ‘somethings’; old, new, borrowed and blue.

Loose Initial, Story And Birthday Charms by Lily Belle

Choose a combination of initials and symbols and attach these discrete little charms to a multitude of wedding apparel as well as looping them onto pieces of jewellery.

Charm wedding jewellery

The Personalised Silver Family Bangle and the Personalised Petal Charm Necklace are beautiful examples of how elegant and personal bridal charm jewellery can be. View our full collection here and find a style that suits you and your wedding look.

Personalised Rectangular Cufflinks by Posh Totty

Grooms don’t have to miss out with plenty of charming bespoke pieces available for them too – such as these Personalised Rectangular Cufflinks. To view more click here.

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