When it comes to your wedding day, you can plan everything down to the finest detail. Count your lucky stars. Obey traditions by wearing something, new, borrowed, blue. Wear white and ban your fiancé from setting eyes on the dress (at all, under any circumstances!) before the day itself. But by the time your wedding day comes around, chances are you’ve already experienced all the luck, fate and karma that you need, as you prepare to marry the person with whom you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with. Despite this, most brides can’t deny that having luck on their side would be welcome, in the run-up to the day and on the day itself. Maybe it’s because the day’s success ‘relies’ completely on the ‘Great British sunshine’, or that a deep rooted family feud won’t erupt over dinner. The desire for everything to go perfectly can drive some people to distraction!

Supersitions and traditions can make us feel safe, however silly it may sound. I have sourced some beautiful pieces of jewellery that may be able to help. OK, I must make it clear that this collection of lovely items is not based on science. Planning, the support of those around you and belief that your day will be wonderful are the most important things to have in place first! But these good luck charms are undeniably pretty. They are totally lovely. And maybe they may just help put a tiny bit of your mind at ease?

Wedding Good Luck Horseshoe by Leah Halliday

Lucky 7 Necklace by Kutuu

9Ct Gold ‘Glorious love and luck’ Necklace by Florence B. Jewellery

Luck Sterling Silver Horseshoe Necklace by EVY Designs

‘Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue…’ Bridal Charm by Betty’s Glamour Box

These Personalised Round Wedding Cufflinks by Posh Totty Designs Boutique, are perfect for a wedding day gift for your groom and can be personalised with your own good luck message.

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