Carrie & Jon, a Parisian proposal

Do you remember an excited little birdie telling you about a number of proposals so far in 2012?

Well, today I am delighted to bring you a touching and utterly lovely Parisian proposal story. Carrie Tucker, our Head of Product, shares with us how her fiancé, Jon, popped the question in a truly romantic (and very on brand!) style; more than befitting of the setting that is widely known as the city of love. Oh la la.

How did you get engaged?

It was January and the second time I had gone to the incredible exhibition, Maison de Object in Paris, a city I have always loved and found inspiring, even in the rain! This time my sister, Holly, came with me. I had raved about my visit last year to the exhibition and I had chosen my favourite hotel Mama Shelter, which I knew she’d love too.

I don’t know just how many miles we walked that Saturday, searching Paris for great ideas – having done the exhibition the day before, our feet were sore when we started! We were cold, tired and wet so decided that a taxi was the best way to get back to the hotel at the end of the day. Holly embraced the idea enthusiastically. I noticed that she was texting on her phone at a rather rapid rate and she kept asking the taxi driver how close we were to the hotel – strange I thought?

She was getting loads of text messages and I was a bit upset by the lack of contact I was having with my boyfriend, Jon, who I had left in charge of our home and our overly energetic dog, Mabel. But anyway, I was looking forward to a long bath when we got to the lovely hotel and went to our separate rooms (Holly’s idea as we needed ‘our space’).

The room was dark as I entered and before I got the chance to switch the light on I noticed a line of votives all lit up with a message… I couldn’t quite make it out so I moved closer and as I did I heard a voice say my name… it was Jon!

Shocked, was an understatement! I have never been so surprised in my whole life! I looked at the votives again and now I could see clearly, the message read: WILL YOU MARRY ME?  

Alphabet Candle Pots by Rachel Dormor Ceramics

Alphabet Candle Pots by Rachel Dormor Ceramics

Jon said he had come to Paris to ask me a question and I think, though I don’t want it confirmed, that I asked him what the question was. Remember, I was in a state of shock, I couldn’t breathe or speak and began to think I could quite possibly faint.

I sat down and he told me of his secret trip and a couple of glasses of champagne to steady his nerves. Feeling more ‘real’ I looked around to see all the lovely Paper Confetti

Vintage Paper Table Confetti by SewSister

It was all so beautifully done thanks to our wonderful sellers and Jon of course!

Bless him, Jon had been planning this since Christmas Day when he had asked my parents ‘permission’ while helping to wash the dishes! Holly had been helping him organise it all so when I knocked on her hotel room door after I had recovered a little, she knew exactly what I had to say. Her face was streaked with tears as she had been so excited and happy for us. Her partner, Frank, who had opened the door, had come over with Jon – another surprise! How they kept it all secret I’ll never know, but I’m so glad they did!

Is there a theme/style for your wedding? Why did you choose it?

It’s quite an odd feeling working on putting together wedding themes as part of my job and then suddenly working on my own. There isn’t an exact theme but we are getting married in Orleans House by Marble Hill Park in Richmond along the river. There’s a touch of an old travel theme so far and we’re getting a boat to the reception.

Our invites were made by the wonderful Hannah Lloyd who bespoke designed a postcard with a personalised stamped image of the wedding venue.

Their wedding invitations were custom made by Hannah Lloyd

It isn’t a traditional wedding – we’re having a best man, best woman and boy (and dog).  I asked my sister to be my best woman by giving her a Personalised Bangle by Posh Totty.  For our best boy (my seven year old nephew) we gave him a personalised Bon Bon Balloon with a tag asking him to be our best boy. He called to say he would accept but asked ‘Auntie, what is that?’ We thought this was a very good question – the answer to which we are still trying to work out!

Personalised Script Bangle by Posh Totty

Is your wedding turning out as you dreamt it would?

We always wanted a very understated, small wedding and had never really pictured a long engagement (after eight years of being together we classified that as being enough time!) 

It’s actually taken us by surprise… in terms of our decision-making. I’m not necessarily someone who is very quick in making up my mind at home, but all the plans so far have been fairly easy to make. For example, we both tried on one dress/ suit and knew it was the one. We only contacted one photographer and knew he was the one… surname Tucker but, sadly, not related. I just hope this is a good sign and carries on to the end.

I must mention that my mother has been a dream wedding planner. However, she has jetted off travelling for a few weeks and I’m hoping it all doesn’t fall apart in her absence! I’m not sure how good the internet/phone reception is in Vietnam…

What is your best wedding planning tip?

Go with your instinct. Even though it might be the first dress or first ring you try on – if it feels amazing just go with it.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can put a wedding together – places are still available if you want a quick engagement and sometimes you can get them at a much better rate.

Thank you so much to Carrie and Jon for sharing their engagement story with us. You may be interested to know that despite getting engaged in January, they’re getting married in less than a month’s time! I think you’ll agree they are a bit of a super-couple. We wish them both lots of love and best wishes and look forward to hearing about every detail of their wedding day, very soon.

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    Lovely story….and the candle holders are by my sister-in-law – so proud of her :)

  • Comment by Catherine Logan

    Hi It was great to hear the full story just knew that my daughter-in-law Rachel Dormor was making the Romantic Votive Candles and she thought it so Romantic! We all did as a family. Every Blessing on the Wedding Day. Rachel made Ceramic Hearts for my Daughters Wedding Favours saying Mr & Mrs.

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