Brides: we need you!

Calling all newlyweds!

Weddings are a big part of our life at, and over the last few years we’ve loved sharing pictures and stories of our readers’ big days with our community. We love seeing everything from the dress, the venue and the rings, right down to the little details like the table settings and favours.  It’s a great way to share inspiration and pass on styling tips and advice to those who are soon-to-be married.

We want to continue to share unique and original weddings with our readers, and this is where you come in. If you’re recently (or even not-so-recently) married and would like to have your wedding featured on our blog, we’d love to hear from you.  Drop us a line to with a bit of information about your big day and a few of your professional snaps. We’ll share as many real weddings as we can and give you the opportunity to talk in more detail about your theme, colours and styling details. It’s also a great opportunity to give a shout-out to some of the people who helped make your day so special (photographer, make up artists etc).

We’re also on the lookout for 4 resident wedding bloggers who are in the process of planning their wedding. We’re looking for 4 aspiring bloggers to write for us once a month, talking about the different stages in the run up to the big day and asking for advice from our community on some of the more challenging aspects of the planning. Then, once you’re happily married, we’ll help you relive the day by featuring an edit of your wedding photography along with the story of your day and any advice you may have for future brides.

There’ll be gift vouchers up for grabs for each of our real bloggers to help you add some touches to your big day. To apply to become one of our resident bride bloggers, email us at with a picture of you and your future spouse and a bit of information about your ideas so far. We’ll be in touch by the end of February and will be looking for our real brides to start blogging from the beginning of March.

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Top image: Fabric Bridesmaid Posie by By Alex
  • Comment by Jessica dunn

    Hi my wedding is 10 months aways … And already i have had the stress of my page boys being different sizes and the stress that comes with this when trying to find a suit that comes in both different sizes … My bridesmaid dresses being discounted and ringing all around the country just to find the sizes which was unsucessful :( so now i am back to square one.
    I will be 24 years old when i get married and i would love to be able to share my experience with everyone espically when young brides like me and give them an insight in to the strains and pressure and most the pleasure of planning a wedding :)

    • Comment by Michelle

      Hi Jessicca,

      We got our page boy suits from bhs and you can a whole suit but order different sizes for jacket, trousers and waistcoat. Our page boy had three different sizes in all three.
      Also our flower girl dress were very expensive for the ones I loved so got them made and look exactly the same but for under half the price.
      Hope this information all helps.

  • Comment by Jessica dunn

    Opps this was meant to be in the email not the comments board sorry :(

  • Comment by Claire Patterson

    I would love to take part in your bride blog my wedding is on 8th feb x

  • Comment by Samantha Marriott

    Hi! I have been with my partner for 17 years now. We officially got together on New Year’s Eve and will be getting married this New Year’s Eve at colwick hall. My partner booked all this as a surprise for my birthday and also booked an appointment at Berkertex to try wedding dresses on with my mum, sister and niece. He as always made me feel extra special and I cannot wait to be mrs meenaghan. We have 3 young boys aged 6, 4 and 3 who are also really excited. I am very particular about every detail and will spend all of this year planning every little detail. Luckily I have great a family and friends that will be helping me with this. I think it would be great to share my ideas with people and hopefully would have some modern and classy ideas for other peoples weddings. I feel very lucky to have found my true soulmate and sharing this would make this extra special.

  • Comment by Kelly cotton

    Hi I’m getting married feb 2015. Can I have more information on this. Sounds fun/interesting

  • Comment by Wendy

    I get married in Italy in May. I love the ‘ flowers’ in the pic you have used- all my wedding colours!! Please advise where they are from xxx

  • Comment by Leigh Milkamanavicius

    Hello NoTHS!

    My name is Leigh and I would love the chance to share the run up to my big day with other NoTHS fans like myself. My now fiancé proposed to me on Christmas Day whilst I was in my fleecy pyjamas, slipper boots and with a right bed head. As I burst into tears it was certainly not the right moment to take a selfie! He had already asked my Dad’s permission (bless) and both of our families knew he was popping the question on Christmas morning, so 2013 ended with lashings of bubbles, get togethers with friends and initial excited wedding planning!

    I’m a 32 year old, very cuddly teacher who like most brides wants to slim down for her big day. Unlike most other brides though, sadly I was married previously at 26 and devastatingly widowed at 27 just three months later, as I lost my husband tragically to leukaemia. To say I NEVER thought I would ever be in this position again to be excitedly planning a wedding is a complete understatement, but I am and am so happy to be spending the rest of my life with the wonderful Nick (my ‘toy boy’ at 28!). We have set our date for 11th April 2015, our five year anniversary date and uncannily my first husband’s birthday.

    This time around we want to do things very differently to the big white church wedding I had in 2008, and so we have booked a nearby olde worlde barn venue for our wedding and really want a personal day that reflects our quirkiness. I am dead set on having a knee length lacey 50s style dress and Nick (aka a wannabe Gallagher brother) wants a sharp mod suit to suit his long hair, sidies and our taste in music. Our first big holiday as a couple was in Vegas and we would love to get married there, but it isn’t viable with my mom and Nick’s dad both recently having knee replacements, so are planning the next best thing…a Vegas honeymoon where we take our wedding outfits and have an Elvis blessing complete with random witnesses off the street and probably yards of strawberry margaritas round our necks! We are also hoping to have an Elvis impersonator at the wedding to get us in the mood!

    We really feel we could offer a unique wedding blog speaking to the more mature, more cuddly, more quirky and more fun loving bride who is more interested in having a funfilled day than a formal day.

    If you think we could be right for you, then please get in touch and we can start squealing together!!
    Thanks for reading.

    Lots of love,

    Leigh xx

    • Comment by Gilly

      I absolutely loved this story, how romantic. Huge congratulations to you both! I wish you all the best in your future together, and really hope that NOTHS feature you in their blog.

      I’m actually a wedding coordinator, just in the early stages of setting up my business. I know your big day isn’t for a while yet but if there’s anything I can help with, please feel free to get in touch. I’m really hoping that I can attract honest, humble and inspirational brides like yourself in the future.

      Good luck with everything, and congratulations again.

  • Comment by Sarah Hodge

    Brill!!! Sent my info off :) x

  • Comment by Hayley Pierce

    Hi I am getting married 15.08.15 and would love to take part in your wedding blog x

  • Comment by Claire Eastwood

    I’m going to marry the love of my life in 5 months , and need lots of money and lots of excersise, with 6 bridesmaids and 7 ushers omg help lol

  • Comment by Molly Wilson

    I would love to blog about my wedding planning, it has taken over my life, as a designer with an eye for detail and plans to create a relaxed but picturesque rustic chic wedding in the Shropshire countryside I am well into the plans and have a *cringe* engagement shoot booked for March to test drive my photographer. Have to admit I am a perfectionist but for all the right reasons!! If I could write it all down instead of harassing my husband to be it would help the process!

  • Comment by Jenni Harcombe

    I would love to be part of this!

  • Comment by Sonia slater

    I am a forty something and this is the first time I am getting married which I didn’t think was for me, until I mety best friend and soulmate who I couldn’t imagine life without!

  • Comment by Lisa Marie grimshaw

    I am planning a winter themed wedding, doing most of the planning and doing by myself – have loads of ideas etc.

  • Comment by suzie mitchell

    Hi Jennifer,
    I’m getting married in April 2014. We are in the process of going through many experiences although we are dealing with the smaller, refined things because the large things are already in place and locked down tightly.
    As a briefing synopsis:
    Latimer whisked me away for a romantic weekend to Worcester and proposed to me on the top of Malvern Hill last year. It was beautifully cold and scenic with 4 foot of snow all around.
    We started planning our wedding in April last year. Looked at many venues in the north of England (which is where I’m from) and also in West London (which is where we’ve both live for some time). A venue in North Yorkshire won on our pro’s and con’s list, hands down. So we went for it and confirmed our wedding date would be on Saturday 12th April 14……eeerkkk.

    My wedding dress was an experience in itself. I visited a local bridal shop to have a look at what style I like, would suit. I had no idea. All the dresses she picked for me made me look frumpy and about 20 years older. I’m not a large lady but my back looked my bum was hanging out of the top of my dress. Nothing was flattering or elegant. After the sixth dress I can home feeling out of shape and pretty miserable. I phone one of my brides maids for help and support and asked her if Brighton had vintage dress shops because I needed another direction. “YES,YES” she shouts.

    We arrange another wedding dress shopping day and I was determined to find something this time and enjoy the process.
    The first shop we went into, I tried on two gorgeous silk, flowing dresses which I felt a million dollars in. The price tags on both dresses were over three grand so we left the shop feeling better about the situation but something a little more within my price ranch was needed or I would have to win the lottery, quickly!!

    The next shop was a little hand made wedding dress shop. The shop assistant was lovely, friendly and warming as we walked in the door. We had a look at few dress dressed and I wasn’t knock out by any of them and started heading to the door feeling disheartened again. The assistant came over and asked if I’d seen any I liked. ” I like this one but I was looking for something different, more along the vintage style”. “OK, wait there” she said, and came back with a dress that made my face light up and sing. I tried the dress on and it made my heart smile from within.
    I also tried on the normal meringue to compare but my brides maid said ” you look stunning but it’s just not you”. My mind was made up.
    The price tag was £300 over my budget so I though about it for week and then jumped in with both feet.
    Are wedding is at a lovely hotel in North Yorkshire where there customer service speak volums. I’m making the favours ( Hand knitted items) and adding a lot of my creativeness into our special day. We are going to make everyone feel welcome, with music, fun and laughter throughout the day.
    I can’t wait.

    Let me know if you want to hear more.
    Kind Regards
    Miss Suzie Mitchell.
    P.S. Soon to be Mrs Suzie Curtis……….I like the sound of that :>)

  • Comment by aisling

    I would love to join in. I have a big wedding party so
    .i would have lots to tell.
    So please pick me and join in my special day with me

  • Comment by Carole metcalfe

    I’ve with the must amazin guy even though we are both ill xx

  • Comment by Kelly Bruce

    My wedding in August 2015, I have 4 very different bridesmaids, and very difficult dad, currently pkaanning on moving house and starting up my own business all while planning my wedding day with man of my dreams along with wanting to make a lot of things for it!

    My story is sure to be interesting!


  • Comment by Rachel

    Hello, Just wondering if the bloggers have been chosen yet? Thanks

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