Here at, we’re celebrating the World Cup in the only way we know how – with beer. We’ve hand-picked the finest beers from around the world, and put them to the test. John, our in-house beer sommelier (or a ‘cicerone’ as they’re sometimes known) has taken up the mantle, and scored each country based on their brewing abilities. The first team up is Brazil.

John, the World Cup beer taster

Representing Brazil in the Beer Tasting World Cup we have cerveja de Brasil and Rio de Janiero local, Brahma. Brazil’s most famous beer, Brahma is ideal for enjoying in the sunshine. Best served ice-cold with a lime wedge to enhance the hoppy flavours.

“Refreshing like a cold morning swim off Copacabana Beach. The subtle flavours are as deft as a flick from Neymar. This one might be a top scorer.”


Brazilian Beer Box Hamper by Whisk Hampers
Brazilian Beer Box Hamper by Whisk Hampers

If like us, you’re wondering “why lime” you’ll be surprised to know it’s not all about the taste. Although the addition of lime is widely believed to be a flavour enhancing experience, the practice actually derives from an age old Meso-American tradition. Lime was originally added to beer to kill bacteria, the acidity destroying unwanted germs. So, by adding a lime to your beer, you not only get a refreshing taste but you’re protecting yourself against germs too.

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