Bird is the word

Spring is well and truly in the air and with sunshine streaming through the windows, I have decided to look at the representations of winged wildlife available on, after spotting these beautiful wall stickers from The Binary Box.

That was a long winter. All those weeks of snow, rain, wind and generally depressing weather have (hopefully) come to an end and the folks in the office are free to frolic and gambol about the streets and parks again, caring not one whit for umbrellas and mittens. And not before time either; over the last few months, my colleagues have been doing their best impressions of the peasants and huddled masses from a 19th century Russian novel. Someone even set fire to an oil drum in the stationery cupboard for them all to huddle around, their teeth a-chattering.

Well, spring has now sprung and with said sprungging (what? It’s a new word I made up) the birds have appeared en masse, singing their chirpy little ballads with glee, like someone who has a got a little tipsy at a karaoke bar. Their tweeting, squawking, singing and occasional clucking have filled the atmosphere with the sounds of warmer days, and that’s just grand.

Feeling the need to have a good twitch, my ornithologist whims got the better of me and I skipped off into the pages of the site and found my favourite bird-themed bits and bobs, which I hope you’ll appreciate too.

Flamingo Lampshade by Katie & the Wolf

Everyone likes a flamingo. With their upside down beak, perpetual balancing act and warm pink hue, they are as exotic as they are pretty. This beautiful lampshade is by interior accessories designer Katie & the Wolf and it’ll bring a touch of quirky, whimsical charm to any room in the house. Though whether that’s a Chilean flamingo, or an Andean one, I couldn’t say.

Love Birds Salt And Pepper Set by lisa angel homeware and gifts

Bring the birds to your table with this lovely set of bird salt and pepper shakers from Lisa Angel Homeware And Gifts. They’re quite adorable and will make an excellent accompaniment to all those meals you can enjoy in the outdoors now that the climate has improved.

Wooden Wren Bird Cufflinks by Maria Allen Jewellery

Take some birdies with you wherever you go with these wonderful wooden cufflinks from Maria Allen Jewellery. Not only are they a charming and unusual pair of cufflinks, but they’ll also allow you to wear your love for our feathered friends on your sleeve.

Albania Rocks T Shirt by invisible friend

This Albania Rocks T-Shirt from Invisible Friend represents the birds all twitchers dream of spotting – the mythological ones. Whether it be a phoenix, a roc, or, in this instance, a double-headed eagle, if you get this in your notebook, you’ll be a bird-watching legend.

So, as I head off to petition the Oxford English Dictionary to accept ‘sprungging’ into their next edition, I hope you’ll all take this opportunity to enjoy the birds in your world. From the humble sparrow to the majestic hawk, and all the robins, rooks, ruffs and rockhopper penguins in between, they’re sure to usher the bluebird of happiness into your heart this spring.

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