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Our third blog post from our wonderful day with Lisa, head make up artist for Benefit, focuses on the lips. It’s easy to shy away from doing much with your lips, for fear of looking like Pat Butcher from Eastenders. Staying safe with a nude gloss is is fine, but if you can dare to be brave with bright shade, and you get the colour right, you just might develop a whole new passion for lipstick. It’s a great trick for quickly adding a bit of glamour to your look.

OK so here is how to get started:

1. Apply foundation on your cupid’s bow. This shapes the lips beautifully and helps to make them look volumptuous.

2. Don’t apply anything too sticky to the lips as you’ll be kissing the groom. Go for balm over gloss. ‘Benetint lip balm’ is really rather wondrous. It’s been in my handbag for years. Well, not the same pot of course, but what I mean is – I have been a fan for years. It’s a subtle and practical way to give your lips some colour, in moments of need.

3. Be careful when choosing lip colour for a lipstick. Remember – red will need to stay looking bright and fresh all day long which may be quite a challenge to keep up all day. Pop into a Benefit boutique and they can choose some colours for your skin tone. We have shown Louise with a delicate nude shade, and then a pretty party pink for night.

4. Make sure you create a balance between your lips and your eyes. If you choose bold eye makeup, then ensure you apply a neutral colour to your lips.

5. When applying lip colour, always use a lip brush to apply colour for a smoother and more accurate application. If you can’t find a colour you like, blend two of your favourite colours, for example, a light and darker shade of apricot. Using the brush makes sure the colours are fully blended. Lisa used ‘Saucy and mod squad lipstick’ on Louise and it looked truly fab.

6. To finish, Lisa’s tip is to apply balm, not gloss, for a soft finish. Balm is also good for your lips and provides moisture, stopping them from drying out quickly.

To find a Benefit boutique, click here or shop online.

The good news is, you don’t have to go it alone. Lisa is available for bridal make up consultations! Please email her.

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