flawless foundation

The second part of our make up report from our fab session with Lisa from Benefit is all about prepping and priming, and creating a smooth and flawless looking (unless you’re blessed with perfect skin!) face which you will undoubtedly be seeking for your wedding day.

As we noted in the previous make up post, apply your eye make up before doing anything else.

• Carefully check your face for stray powder, from your eye makeup application. Gently and carefully wipe away any trace below the eyes and on the cheeks using makeup remover.

• TOP TIP: Use sellotape to swiftly and cleanly remove tricky specks of glitter – much more effective than makeup remover for glittery bits.

Prime skin

– Mix Porefessional Primer with ‘Girl Meets Pearl’ on your hand, using the back of your hand like a pallet.
– This mixture will help, minimizes pores, ‘matify’ and smooth your skin and help keep your make up in place. Skin will be primed to perfection and ready for you to apply the rest of your makeup.

Apply foundation

– Don’t wear a heavy foundation – if you can see your foundation then your photos can!

– TOP TIP: mix your foundation 50/50 with your oil-free face ‘B right triple emulsion moisturiser’, to break it down and for an overall natural look. Pat it together between fingers to mix.

– Apply the mix to your face using a foundation brush.

– Use gentle strokes and take time to blend into skin, taking care to avoid brush stroke marks.

– Blending properly will also help to make your makeup last longer too.

– Use priming concealer and foundation to smooth under the eyes. Can use foundation as concealer to get underneath eyes.

Apply blusher

– Don’t go for a colour that is too red

– The excitement of the day and heat are likely to create a natural blush and you don’t want to add to that as could make you look blotchy and flustered.
– Coral based shades work well and so we used ‘Coralista for blush’ on Louise

– Apply 30% more blush than is needed onto the apple of the cheeks, as it does tone down quite quickly initially

– Cover mistakes with more foundation (we never knew you could do this!)

Look out for our next make up report, which will be all about creating the perfect lips!

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