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We had a delightful visit last week from Lisa Potter-Dixon, our fab friend from Benefit cosmetics who is both Head Make Up Artist and Events Manager, and a wondrous trendy thing. We were joined by Rebecca, from super-cool Harlequin and Romance, to make some plans about an exciting event coming up!

But first things first. Lisa shared with us her make up expertise and demonstrated some amazing techniques on Louise, our weddings business manager. She gave us so much information that we’re sharing it with you in four posts. Starting with the eyes because, Lisa says, when you do your make-up, always start with the eyes…

Making up the perfect wedding eyes

“Always do your eye make-up first (after applying an oil-free face moisturiser, like the ‘B right triple emulsion’, to the whole face). This avoids ruining the rest of your face if you flick powder everywhere and means you can make a mess if you need too! Keep your eyes open when applying eye make-up so you can see your eye socket – this prevents you going OTT!

1. First step – priming

“Apply ‘stay don’t stray priming eye concealor’ to your eyes, to keep make-up in place. This also helps to even out discolouration around your eyes and lids, as the skin around your eyes is 50% thinner. Priming your eye lids makes such a difference and creates a really nice and natural smooth finish, even before you add any colour.”

2. Choose your colour

“When deciding on a colour for your wedding day, always pick something that you are comfortable with and you know suits you.

It is much better to go for a slightly lighter, darker or more metallic version of a colour you usually wear and is normal to you. If you go for something too bold and out of the ordinary, you could end up feeling self-conscious all day.

The aim is to look like you, but add something special!”

3. Eye colour application we used the ‘Big Beautiful Eye Kit’

“Apply a paler shade of your ‘main’ eye colour, up to and above the eye socket to give a really nice base.

Start building up the second colour gradually just into the socket of the eye. Remember that less is more, and you can always add to the look and colour, but it’s harder to take it off and tone it down. Key work: Blend! Blending emphasises your eye shape.

Use a small blending brush for the best effect. Use circular motions rather than strokes for a better-blended and ‘air brush’ finish. Keep eyes open when using a darker colour or shimmer like this ‘Big daddy shimmer’.

Apply eye shadow subtly under the eyes, to frame and accentuate them. It is important that you don’t use too much.

Apply the lighter version of your eye colour to the corners of the eyes to highlight. I love using ‘High beam highlighter’ ”

4. Lashes

Lisa would always recommend Lash Extensions for brides or ‘They’re real’ mascara. Why?

“This means you can avoid mascara altogether (and hence cry, with joy, without a care!). They make eyes look so much bigger and really stand out in photographs. They don’t hurt, they’re not permanent and can look as natural as you want. Lashes make eyes look bigger and helps face stand out in photos.”

Sounds good to us. Louise used them for her wedding day and they really did look amazing, and totally natural.

5. Brows

“Always brush your eyebrows. This frames your face, gets rid of stray hairs and can avoid making your face look ‘wonky’.

Always fill your brows in with pencil, regardless of your natural colouring. This will help to frame your face beautifully.

Use powder ‘Browsings’ and fill in by going against the natural direction of the hair then back for a more natural finish as actually colouring the skin.

The liner has a handy small brush on the end, to help you blend.”

Louise has stunning eyes anyway, but these make up tricks really made them stand out with a natural look. See what Lisa did next in a couple of days time…

To find a Benefit boutique, click here or shop online.

The good news is, you don’t have to go it alone. Lisa is available for bridal make up consultations! Please email her.

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