Being a good sport (and eating lots of cake)

Yesterday morning we all popped down to Richmond High Street, just by HQ, to watch the Olympic torch relay passing by.

Getting into the spirit

We were worried that we wouldn’t get a glimpse,  but we managed to pick the best possible spot on the street and were lucky enough to witness the transition between two of the runners.

The second torch holder prepares to light her flame
Just in case we weren’t quite hot enough…

After all that excitement, we headed back to the office for yet more Olympic treats. It is a fact universally acknowledged that if you work at, you like cake. The two are inextricably linked. So what better way to celebrate this landmark event, we thought, than with an equally momentous Bake Off?

Judged by Holly, Robert (our CFO) and a few other more-than-willing volunteers, the Bake Off was a huge success. There was a wide variety of entries, from medal biscuits and whoopie pies to cheese scones and “burnt cake”, each one as inventive and (nearly) as delicious as the next. It was a tough call, but a winner was chosen, and we proceeded to eat the lot. Even we were quite surprised by the sheer amount of cake we managed to consume in such a short space of time. We’re a determined bunch…

Individual shortbread medals, personalised with our names. (There were actually over 90 of these. That’s a lot of shortbread.)
Gold medal whoopie pies gave us all sparkly upper lips.
Olympic-style lemon drizzle cake. We’ve decided that cake with fruit in now counts as one of our five a day…
A swimming pool cake with Jelly Baby swimmers. They even had trunks made of icing. This was a very dignified occasion.
Just like the real thing!
Cheese scones: a welcome break from all the sugar.
Pistachio and rosewater cake with rosewater Greek yoghurt. Fancy.
This entry was actually called ‘A Burnt Cake’. It could be a tenuous link to the Olympic torch (torch… flame… burning… get it?). Not surprisingly, one of the boys made this.
Olympic tarts with an incredible pastry-to-jam ratio.
Extremely sophisticated cupcakes. We looked slightly less sophisticated getting covered in icing whilst eating them.
Olympic cupcakes. A pool, a running track, a weightlifter, a tennis court… this is art in cake form.
The medal-winning entry: the most delicious sponge cake, in all five Olympic ring colours. We had some funky-looking tongues after eating this, but it was so worth it.
To summarise: we ate a lot, and it was all delicious. Hooray for the Olympics!

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