Behind the Scenes: Binary Box

Meet Binary Box, they’re making the walls of Britain cool.  We went behind the scenes at their workshop and caught up with Chris to find out a little bit more about their hand-cut wall stickers, and their quest to brighten up people’s homes.

What do you love most about what you do?
Being a designer gives you the freedom to create something that you truly love, without the constraints of someone else’s rules. It feels quite liberating to have free reign to create something new without any boundaries. When starting the business, I really wanted to have a healthy work life balance – I think finding that is vital to remain creative. We want to continue creating new and unique hand finished wall art solutions and grow our collection.

Why wall stickers?
We wanted to create a unique solution which would allow people to decorate their home and create that wow factor without breaking the bank. It’s important for us to allow people to put their own personal stamp on their home. After years of working with creative agencies – creating prints for our clients – we were brimming with ideas of how we could use similar techniques to create something really brilliant, creating our own range of hand-finished wall art our way.

All our products are designed and made under one roof and are hand-finished with love and care, then sealed with a personal label. Our designs follow a quintessentially British theme and are inspired from our own interests and experiences.

Tell us about your workshop
We started at home in 2009 from a small room with all our printing and cutting equipment and work benches crammed in. For a long time, we were working on top of each other to keep up with demand. As the business progressed we moved to Stockport to a business incubator unit housed within a lovely grade 2 listed Victorian mill. We then had the flexibility to move between studio spaces as we grew.

Now we have 1250 square feet of studio space comprising of a print/prototyping room and a production studio with a team of seven. Our families were a great support, allowing us a place to set up in the early days and were very understanding as we gradually started to take over more and more of the house.

We want to know more about your personal style. Tell us about your home.
I live in South Manchester and as you can imagine my house is full of wall art. Our latest silver birch forest design is going to be the newest addition to my living room – I really want to create a feature wall. I love to upcycle and am a big fan of turning my hand to reupholstery. I’m also a massive lover of 50s and 60s Art Deco vintage furniture.

If you could buy anything from, what would it be?
I am loving the Amigo Hot Smoker Barbecue Set – I think this would be brilliant for garden parties in the summer.

To find out more about Binary Box, visit their store now.

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