Behind the scenes at our Valentine’s Day shoot

Hopefully by now you’ve seen the videos from our Love: Your Story shoot as part of our Valentine’s Day campaign. We filmed nine couples and asked them to share the story of their relationship with us. The couples featured are not actors, they’re real couples with real love stories. We filmed them all in London across two days of shooting; their touching stories made us laugh and cry in equal measure. Luckily, our photographer was on hand to capture all of the little moments we couldn’t get on film to give you a true picture of each of our special couples.

See the full videos here >>

Our make up artist, Aly, was on hand to make sure each of our lovely couples were camera-ready: “What a great couple of days! There was hardly a dry eye on set with all those love stories being told! I particularly loved listening to the older couples’ stories, that kind of longevity in relationships seems so rare these days. It was very heartwarming to hear that their key advice for a lasting relationship was mutual respect, friendship and a good sense of humour.”

The stories from these amazing couples even had an effect on our Brand Manger, Lizi, who claimed she was not at all romantic: “When I first started working on our Valentine’s Day campaign I thought to myself “I’m not the right person for this job – don’t you need someone a bit more romantic and emotional?”. I can safely say that after two of my favourite days at work ever, I’ve changed. After meeting all of our amazing couples, hearing their stories and chatting to Joyce as she showed me all of her old love letters and Valentine’s cards from the past 50 years, I’ve realised that I’m a romantic at heart after all. I may have even shed a tear once or twice as we were watching our couples’ interviews back-stage (don’t tell anyone). Sign me up for the 2015 Valentine’s Day campaign please – and someone tell my husband that I need an extra special gift this year after all.”

  • Comment by Katie Albury

    Oh my goodness… I’m so in love with this campaign and everyone involved. Such a sucker for a good love story….!

    Katie x

  • Comment by Cat

    We had such a fun time on the shoot, thank you for allowing us to be a part of it!!

    Just a little note that on YouTube and the website, my name has been spelled “Catt” when it’s “Cat” – just wondering if this could be fixed? x

  • Comment by Leila Shannon

    Love the idea. Do u produce life events in one or two sylibus ie town then date then another place which maps out where the person proposed where married honeymoon best place to be etc. Etc.

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