Behind the scenes at Chez Bec

Founded in 2006 by Rebecca Doyle, Chez Bec is an online bridal jewellery and accessories boutique. We caught up with Chez Bec co-owner Harriet to find out more about the brand, and what makes the women behind it tick. 

Chez Bec Shoot at St Clere

Tell us how Chez Bec started – it’s an amazing story.
I was in a job that was taking over my life, and I hated it. I decided to give it up, and start my own jewellery business. With my new-found time I started to research my family tree and reconnected with a cousin on Genes Reunited. Her niece was also setting up a jewellery business, Chez Bec – enter Rebecca. Three house moves, four children and eight years later, I now co-own and run the Chez Bec studio on a day-to-day basis.

Harriet at the St Clere Shoot

What do you love most about your job?
I love it when it all comes together on a styled shoot. However much hard work they are, it’s the highlight of our year when we see our creative vision come alive.

What inspires you?
I am a woman obsessed by vintage, everything from the twenties to the fifties. Since being handed the creative reigns, I’ve really been able to explore my passion for vintage design, coming up with suggestions and new materials.

Harriet in the Chez Bec Studio
Harriet in the Chez Bec Studio

Tell us about your studio.
The studio itself is a really inspiring place to work – it’s bright, light and we have a beautiful Giddy Kipper sign. We’ve also got lovely print photos and magazine covers adorning the walls. Depending on our mood, we listen to Six Radio, or Radio 4. There is always coffee. Lots of coffee. One of our ambitions for the future is to make cake mandatory in all business meeting too.

We want to hear more about your home!
I’m a little eclectic in my tastes. My favourite room in my house is my kitchen diner, which opens out to the garden. The units are French grey and the walls bright white. All the colour comes from pictures. I have a framed poster from the fifties that my dad designed, a bus sign from my childhood bus route, and an upcycled teal dresser. To me, everything in your home should mean something and be personal, and while I love to make a statement, I like it to be for a reason, not ‘just because’.

Inspiration from the Chez Bec Studio
Behind the Scenes at the Chez Bec Studio
Personalised Family House Rules Print by More Than Words ‘Typographic Art’

What’s your favourite product? has always been my go to place for personalised prints. One of the pictures in my kitchen is by More Than Words – I personalised the Family House Rules Print with all my children’s baby words, imaginary friends and misheard/pronounced words. I will always treasure it.

What couldn’t you live without?
Emotional support from the two Mr Chez Becs – they make this crazy world of business running possible. Both our husbands are unfailingly supportive of their workaholic wives, and we couldn’t do it without them. Mine has even learnt to feign interest in another pearl based jewellery design, though blames the business as to why he never buys me jewellery for a present… excuses, excuses.

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Chez Bec was founded in 2006 by Rebecca Doyle. She gave up her life in law to set up a high end, service-orientated online jewellery boutique featuring a range of highly talented and coveted designers. By 2007 the business had evolved to include a bridal range, and by 2008 had become solely bridal jewellery and accessories. Harriet now co-owns the business and runs the Chez Bec studio on a day-to-day basis. The majority of jewellery available from Chez Bec is handmade to order from their Kent studio. 

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