Behind the Bouquet

Roses are red, violets are blue – or so the old saying goes. Well, here at, we can’t help but feel there’s slightly more to it than that. We’re here to put an end to floral mysteries and set the record straight – do a dozen red roses really mean it’s true love?

Find out the hidden meanings behind the most popular Valentine’s bouquets:

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the classic red rose is most popular of all bouquets. Last February, 189,000,000 roses were sold in the UK. So we ask, what IS all the fuss about? Well, apart from the rich colouring and heavenly smell, it turns out roses were the flower of choice for Aphrodite herself – you can’t argue with a Greek goddess. So ladies, if you are given a red rose this Valentine’s Day, you know it’s the real deal.

Valentine’s Day Three Month Flower Subscription by BLOOM & WILD

With colours ranging from white to blue to pink to purple, the meaning behind hydrangeas is bound to be up for debate. Some are of the opinion that hydrangeas represent vanity and boastfulness, but we’re firm believers that the abundance of petals could only express heartfelt emotion.

So, if you receive a bunch of beautiful hydrangeas on the 14th February, we assure you it’s because you’re a loving and kindhearted individual, not because you’re big headed.

Artificial Hydrangea Bouquet by BEAUX FAUX

Beauty. Class. Style. Was there every a better combination? Historically, Lilies have been associated with modesty and purity, which in 21st century terms we’ve translated to mean uber chic and sophisticated. Anyone receiving a bunch of lilies this Valentine’s should be very happy indeed.

Classic Bouquet Of Lilies by TINEKE FLORAL DESIGNS

Roses may stand for true love, but tulips  – famed for their Dutch heritage – stand for perfect love. That’s right, perfect. Put all the niggling arguments and pet hates to bed, you’ve got a reputation to live up to now. Tulips are also associated with a couple’s 11th wedding anniversary, so a bouquet of the Netherlands’s finest flowers might also be a sign of longevity.

Rainbow Coloured Spring Tulip Flower Bucket by THE FLOWER STUDIO

Rare and with a delicate appearance, it might seem obvious for orchids to represent love, beauty and luxury. However, our research has turned up a wild card – orchids have a seductive side. Much more exotic and elusive than a dozen roses if we do say so ourselves.

Striking Dendrobium Orchid Plant Gift by THE FLOWER STUDIO

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