a christmas eve engagement

You may have already noted that we’ve had quite a few recent engagements in the notonthehighstreet.com office, with each one being as unique and special as the last. Rebecca, our Head of Customer Service, has a very romantic Christmas eve proposal story which we wanted to share it with you.

How did you get engaged?

Neil decided to propose on Christmas Eve, my favourite day of the year. He had been mentioning how we should make Christmas Eve a romantic day as I love it so much, so we set off to Richmond for a lovely breakfast at Moomba and a little wander around the shops before heading home to light the fire and prepare for a traditional Christmas Eve in. The fire was lit and the candles were on the table. Dinner was ready so I asked Neil to get the champagne out of the fridge. At this point apparently he had started to worry I would suspect something as he pulled out a bottle of vintage champagne that was bought especially in Champagne a couple of years ago for a special occasion (wink wink) and, not knowing at that I was minutes away from a proposal, in true practical female style I questioned this decision in a rather crass tone… ‘well obviously our thoughts are in very different places…I thought that bottle was for a special occasion… (thinking, ahem, engagement please)’ but finally told him to just open it then, seeing as it was the only cold champagne we had. So with stooped shoulders, he continued to the lounge with the champagne followed by a slightly annoyed me with the food. We sat down and it looked perfect – just one thing missing, ‘music’ I said and before I could get up Neil was there, ‘I’ll do it, I’ve got it, you sit down’. At this point I started to think he was acting a little odd. He chose ‘The Blowers Daughter’ by Damien Rice (I love this song, good choice Neil I was thinking) – it turns out Neil had created a playlist entitled Our Engagement 24th December 2011 with a list of all the songs that mean so much to us both. He came back towards the table and stood in front of me (thinking back and talking to Neil it seems as though he was standing there forever… in my head I was thinking what is he doing, he can’t be… can he?)

As Neil started to go down on to one knee, I could feel my heart beating and the tears welling up in my eyes. He started to say beautiful things but I can only remember individual words not sentences as if I couldn’t compute everything that was happening! For a moment he stopped talking and called over our little dog Winnie, who had been remarkably quiet and sitting very still behind me. She plodded over with a bow around her neck which was holding a box. Neil removed the box from Winnie and opened it up to present the most beautiful ring before asking me to marry him. I think I was saying yes as he was asking me! We sat down in front of the fire and managed to drink two bottles of champagne whilst listening to our playlist and talking about each individual song and what it means to us.

Is there a theme/style for your wedding? Why did you choose it?

We are having a winter wedding on the 15th December 2012. The venue is in a beautiful manor house in Kent called Eastwell Manor. The Manor is particularly magical at Christmas with decorated garlands on the staircases and and real Christmas trees and lit fireplaces in every room. We want to have a winter theme with traditional reds and sparkles like ice – think luxurious with a Christmas edge. We chose the theme because it is so fitting considering the proposal. It’s our favourite time of year and we have so many ideas to add to our theme that I will be happy to share with you after the wedding.

Is your wedding planning turning out just as you dreamt it would?

Yes it really is! And it’s all entwined with everything Neil will love as well, and this makes it more than I dreamt of because he really was the missing link to my dream wedding.

What is your best wedding planning tip?

My top tip is to get organised! If you want everything you need get there first. I have a year and already I’m realising that I was lucky to get the venue I wanted. If you want the best entertainment, the best venues and a wedding on a Saturday don’t forget there are only 52 of them a year, so there will be many other people who want the same things that you do.

Thanks Rebecca and Neil, your romantic story has really made us feel warm inside on this freezing Wednesday! It’s going to be a lovely wedding and we can’t wait to hear more about it. We’ll keep you posted.

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