We have many sellers on our site (around 3,000), all of whom come with inspirational stories and, of course, the most beautiful products. In today’s post we’d like to highlight the story of one such seller – ARTHOUSE Meath.

Founded six years ago by Becky Sheraidah, ARTHOUSE Meath is a social enterprise that offers resources and encouragement to adults with learning difficulties who live in a residential home in Surrey, who then use their skills to create superb and imaginative art. The ARTHOUSE project was set up to give the residents (most of whom live with severe epilepsy) a creative outlet, which not only helps them to relax but can also reduce the risk of further seizures. The charity commits itself to providing a very high standard of care, which requires a substantial amount of funding, and so through the sales of products created from the residents’ work it’s working towards being self-sustaining.

At we love to celebrate the successes of those who create wonderful things, regardless of their background – whether starting a business without the luxury of space, funds or time, or, in the case of today’s post, living with physical and learning difficulties.

Blackbird Brooch by ARTHOUSE Meath

Blackbird Brooch by ARTHOUSE Meath

The art shows incredible creativity and talent, and the artists are encouraged to develop their own style and try new projects. They’re reimbursed for their work, but for many the greatest reward is the satisfaction of seeing their work celebrated and put to use, all the while raising valuable funds to support the care work at the Meath centre.

The ARTHOUSE Meath range is varied and unique. “The work of our residents offers an insight to viewing the world differently. It has humour, warmth and honesty which serves as an inspiration for us all,” they told us. We love the wit and openness that is displayed in their work, which often displays truthful yet playful messages.

Driving Test Handprinted Card by ARTHOUSE Meath

Hand Printed Driving Test Card by ARTHOUSE Meath

Cuckoo Clock Handprinted Card by ARTHOUSE Meath

Hand Printed Cuckoo Clock Card by ARTHOUSE Meath

By hand-printing the designs, all the work the artists produce is used to create wonderful gifts such as towels, mugs, prints, cards and more. The work they produce is exhibited and then transferred to products to be sold, with profits going straight back to the charity to reinvest in future projects.

Dogs Mug by ARTHOUSE Meath

Dogs Mug by ARTHOUSE Meath

We’re really proud to be able to support ARTHOUSE Meath and continue to celebrate both its work as a charity and the artistic achievements of its residents. You can view the full ARTHOUSE Meath range here.


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    I absolutely love the stuff designed by these guys! Their honestly is so refreshing and makes the designs really witty. And such a good cause!

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